Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fashion obsessed! Vici clothes!

I stumbled upon a clothing line tonight and it's too good not to share. I wanted to state that this is not a sponsored post (though it might seem like it because I'm going to be doing some major raving here) and I haven't actually purchased any of the clothing yet because I literally just came across this line less than an hour ago... and I can I just say, whoever this model is... I want her hair color ASAP. She is gorg! 

So, I hope you love this line as much as I do. I really wanted to show them some love because I think their clothes are so beautiful and I think more people should know about it. I'll take everything, please!! :)

Enjoy some of my faves.
Need this black dress like yesterday. 
Love this mint top. So cute!! 
Uh this mint dress.!! I need this!
This chevron dress would make the perfect summer staple for me.
I would wear this green & white look in a heartbeat!!

Here is where I found them:
I don't think they have a website & all ordering is done over the phone or e-mail.
(925) 954-7475 or


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Shelly Slader said...

I really like how they did this girl's makeup! I really want to take makeup courses so I can learn how to do it well. It would be so fun to work in some type of salon doing makeup for people. I got my makeup done for prom and ever since then I've wanted to learn how to do it myself.
Shelly Slader |