Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jewelry Heaven! The beautiful Karen Egren shares her line with us!

I had the most amazing fun girly day today! I got to spend a few hours with the amazing Karen Egren... jewelry accessorista! Karen's  jewelry line has the most beautiful pieces. Absolutely stunning! What I love is anyone can find something no matter their price point... her pieces start at $20 to luxury prices. I was slightly overwhelmed because every single thing she had laid out was one hundred percent my style. 
Something really exciting...look for her jewels in the October issue of Cosmo!!  Check out her out here: http://www.karenegren.com/   15% discount with coupon code 'SARDUN15' through 9-22-12.
It was truly such an honor to meet Karen. She is one of most lovely ladies I've met! So kind!
This is my bracelet "cocktail" :) She has thousands of amazing bracelets to create your own personal "cocktail". Love it! This is so me! 
My bracelets

The earrings I picked out and fell in love with at first sight

My earrings

Beautiful treasures that I'll so joyfully will wear for years and years to come!

These bracelets were on Oprah's favorite things list 

Amazing spike bracelet 

Love this ring... so much! 

Like a kid in a candy shop but wayyyyyy better!!!

I want to say a big thank you to Karen for having me over today, sharing her amazing collection with me and letting me try everything on and for my beautiful gift that will be treasured! 

I also want to mention: she carries the "Love" ring that all of us wanted to get our hands on but at a price most of us could afford... $50 instead of $600+! I forgot to take a picture so I had to find this stock photo through google!:)
http://www.karenegren.com/store/New-Arrivals?product_id=628 <--- here="here" love="love" p="p" ring="ring">

World wide shipping. Contact info:

Check Karen Egren out! http://www.karenegren.com/I know you will love her jewelry as much as I did! I can't wait to go back to her house for a truck show and dress up some more!


Yelena said...

Wow gorgeous jewelry! I love the 'love' ring for sure!

Yelena said...

Can you please post link to the 'love' ring? Couldn't find it on her website.

Sarah Bella said...

@Yelena! I know her jewelry is so pretty! I am in love with the "Love" ring, too! I've wanted it forever but couldn't justify sending $600+ on it... so $50 is way more affordable. I'm getting it soon!!! I posted her contact info about the ring on my post!:)

Yelena said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much for the information :) Love your blog!

aliciav63 said...

Sarah so glad to see your post! Love this jewelry..I will be ordering today some items today.

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great jewelery. I have the same square ring. It's amazing :P
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Arslan Shamim said...

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HeartsAndCrosses said...

You look gorgeous and all the jewellery looks like heaven, lucky girls



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