Saturday, May 12, 2012

I love green & I heart Target!

For the past 8 months I've had a mild ok out of control obsession with anything green. Kelly green, mint green, seafoam green, turquoise green.  My husband says if I had a can of mint green paint I'd paint everything in the house (and I sorta have). Good thing I ran out otherwise the kids would be next. Hmm, just kidding.  Maybe. :op

Surprisingly enough I've been able to find most of my lust-haves really cheap from good-old-never-let-ya-down Target! 

Green cardi- Target (still in stores). I could wear this everyday!
Necklace- Target (in stores now)
Tank- Target
Jeans- Target... yeah, I love Target. I'm not ashamed. 

Green scarf... you guessed it... Target.
Earrings from a local store called The Clothing Cove.

Funny story. So, today I was at Target buying that green cardigan (the one pictured is actually my bestfriends) and I had another green item on the checkout belt. The lady looked at me and then said "Huh, you must really like this color." (I was also wearing green... as I said, slightly obsessed). "Yeah, I love this color. It's my favorite". I said. "Yeah, I can tell. Gag. I hate this color. Yuck. I did mint when I was younger... been there, done that. I do not like mint". Ha ha ha!! I graciously smiled and told her that this color is really in style right now. I just couldn't help but laugh. 

Other mint loves I need in mi vida. 

Mint (and green variations) really is the new spring and summer color... it's everywhere, on everything. Are you as in love as I am?


Sassa7 said...

Im with you!! Im all about green: light green, mint or sea green, from jewelry and tops to shoes and of course nail polish!!! :D Green never gets old, there are so many shades and variations!! I love the outfit!! Im all about vibrant colors :D Target rocks!!

Christy {SparklesandSpinach} said...

I also love all variations of mint, seafoam, aqua, etc. That scarf is SO pretty!!! There's a glass lamp at Target that I've been dying over for weeks. I need it! lol.

Nicole said...

I love target! i can never walk out of that store with out spending over $50!

mira123 said...

Where are the watches from? I LOVE THEM!!!

Princess Freckles said...

I have mint toe nails right now! :)

Beauty Tips said...

Wow...! Your watch looks awesome.....

justaboltfan said...

I basically detest Kelly Green and do not care if it is in or out of style. I like subtle greens such as khaki/olive, or a rich foresty/teal dark green which brings out the color in my eyes.

I also like aqua and seafoam green.

Other than that, the big color this year is a pop of coral. Gorgeous. Looks like happiness and cheer. Just about everyone can wear some shade of coral, if not, try it as a small accent shade on your trim or on your accessories.

Thanks Sarah.

P.S. I'm not a robot. :-)

allie said...

awesome post. where is your phone case from? :)

Tim Mcgraw said...

interesting postings

Stranger In The City

Keyta Hawkins said...

Ohh I want that nail polish!
- Keyta x