Sunday, April 29, 2012

Body by Vi 9 day update!

This is an update on the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge... two words. Life changing! As I said before... I'm not doing this to lose weight or get skinny but HEALTH and toned up is the goal. What I didn't expect was to feel this amazing. I honestly feel like my fog has been lifted and I'm living again, happy again and excited about life. It's amazing what the right nutrition can do mentally (and of course physically, too!) I just wasn't expecting to feel this great. I don't feel like I'm Debbie Downer anymore... I feel like my brain is getting everything it needs so I can actually be ME! Who I truly am! This is awesome!!!
I am so passionate about this! I feel like for the past 3 1/2 years I've tried to help women feel good on the outside but helping women feel better on the insides first so they can radiate on the outside is 100 times more fulfilling!! 
I've been drinking my shakes one or two times a day and eating a healthy dinner. I've cut my cokes down from 3 to 1 a day...and don't reach for them when I'm hungry anymore! Taking vitamins. I'll be honest though... I've only worked out once. I had to recover for 3 days because I was so sore then I just haven't pushed myself to try again but I am getting the proper nutrition to help burn fat and build lean muscle mass... so I can't even imagine what will happen when I get serious about working out. It's exciting! 
I have lost 1 lbs (but I'm not really trying to lose anything...maybe 2 or 3 lbs MAX) and my husband has lost 9 lbs so far... in 10 days! So proud!!

So, this is my 9 day update picture. It's honestly not much of a change but my stomach does look leaner. It's not mind blowing or anything but I can see a change! 

I am so excited about this challenge! It's brought me back to life again! 
If you are feeling stuck and need hope visit my site and watch the videos! There is HOPE!!! 

See why this is so awesome!! 


MrsLDBlack said...

Keep up the good work!! You will feel great and it will radiate from the inside out! :)

Rebecca said...

you look awesome! what exactly is this? I would love to learn more!

Sarah Bella said...

Thank you girls!
Rebecca- e-mail me at and I can tell you more!

Mehreen said...

you look great! and glad you feel great!!!!

Beauty Tips said...

Hi.....Nice...! Thanks for sharing.

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