Friday, February 24, 2012

Saving Face: Obagi Therapeutic Moisturizer

It seems as of lately, my face just can't catch a break. First the breakouts {which are still being a thorn in my side}, then a weird bumpy rash, and we come to the last of the tribulations of my skin issues, dry skin from all of the above { also cold weather AND a cold}. My skin hates me

Thanks to my lovely cold, under my nose became really dry, I'll spare you the details but it was not pretty. My face was still a little bumpy from all the issues going on and I needed something really moisturizing and extremely gentle...ASAP. Dry face + foundation = horrendous! 

A while back I was sent a beauty cache from skincarerx  for hosting a contest and had tried the Obagi Clenziderm M.D. Therapeutic Moisturizer {link to product!} a few times. Every time I tried it I was "Wow, this is really nice!" yet it never stuck in my routine for some odd reason.  So, 3 days ago I pulled it out to try again because the words therapeutic, calm, soothe, protect SCREAMED at me. My sad skin drank this up like a cold glass of water on a hot day. 
I've seen so much change in just 3 days it's unbelievable. My skin is so soft, smooth, the bumpiness has subsided, and my make up goes on like a dream. 

I don't think everyone will like this though {but most will}. It's very dewy and a tad bit greasy but I don't mind, not one little bit. I love the softness it gives. I just know some people can kind of be picky about that but it does quickly absorb into the skin.

Here is what the website says:
The lightweight, hydrating formula is designed to work for skin prone to and blemished by acne, as well as dry and irritated skin. Also protects your skin from drying out when using Benzoyl Peroxide

Key Ingredients:
Dimethicone 1% and Glycerin 20% act as protective, moisturizing barriers to the skin. Allantoin is derived from Comfrey leaves to soothe and act as an anti-inflammatory.

Warning: scarrrryyyy... zero make up on but I wanted to show you my skin without make up after using this for 3 days. It's nowhere where it should be but it's getting closer to healing. 

Left- cream pumped out, Right- mildly rubbed in but not to full absorption.

I am so thankful I started using this, it's really helped to heal and protect my face. Can't fail to mention the glow it gives! That's healthy skin. We are on our way...

I highly recommend. 

This also comes in a 3 part acne set or sold alone... I'm really curious to see how the whole set works. Maybe someday. One thing at a time. 

Have a wonderful night, day, afternoon...wherever you are. Stay happy and beautiful.


Liz Marie said...

You are stunning with out makeup! Really, you are.. I wish I looked that good with out makeup! I am struggling with blemishes so badly right now.. I honestly cry about it.. Do you have any advice on products you have used as far as healing blemishes, fading scars, exd. I have very oily skin. Also any foundation recommendations for very oily skin that you have heard of?

mbennett said...

I am SO excited to try this! I have very sensitive skin and get that weird bumpy rash also! I don't exactly know what causes it? I use to think it was diet but I was very strict with my diet for a long time and then all of a sudden got the rash again? I now think it is from dryness and my skin gets irritated and then the rash forms, so I will definitely be getting this moisterizer!!!