Monday, February 6, 2012

Pin it on me: Pinterest!

Are you a Pinterest addict? Yeah? Me too. This site is just so fun. It honestly does inspire you to be more creative, resourceful, organized, fashionable... to name a few. 

If you are wondering where I always get the quotes for my blog... that would be my source. :)
Come follow me and let me know if you have a board because I would love to follow you as well!

Here are some of my favorite pins { I have 4,283 and growing...  so, yeah, I did say I was I'll just pick a few}

Save quotes!



Beautiful home decor!


and much, much, much more!

Join me on Pinterest and remember to comment me your user name! :)

Have a wonderful night!


Angela said...

Love all your quotes, thanks for getting me addicted to Pinterest, I LOVE it!!

The Frustrated Fashionista said...

Can't wait to see your pins, I'm obsessed as well!

Crystal said...


Thank you so much for talking!! :)!--You are adorable!--Not only are you beautiful on the outside but so beautiful on the inside too! You are such a beautiful soul! Thank you so much for talking!

OKay Sarah my e-mail is my hubbys--I kinda took it over when we were adopting and I have never changed it over to a new account (I'm a little technically challenged-- well a lot!) --so here is my e-mail

I would love to see the pictures but again if you don't feel comfortable I understand that too--just trying to prepare myself :)

Thanks again--please please call me if you come to my area --I would love to get some coffee and chat :)

eladia said...

I'm also a super fan of Pinterest and I also love your blog by the way!
It would be amazing if you followed me on Pinterest...

Keep it doing so nice!

Lu said...

Just joined the Pinterest and so far I love it. I've already cooked three meals and am cooking another one tonight with a friend (who got me hooked).
I'm lulu7328 on Pinterest. I just added you and can't wait to go through all your pins to get more ideas. Thanks!

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Rumysa hussain said...

Sarah, i've been following you and loving your pins! :)
My pinterest is


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