Thursday, February 2, 2012

Changes at Bella Make up!

I've officially transitioned from blogger to my own domain! I'm still figuring it out and quite honestly I haven't a clue what I am doing... I am tech-challenged at times.

My new blog will be {and it now up}....

Please save the name but I believe you can still access my blog through
Like I said, I am still figuring it out so it may take me a few days to read up on it when I get the time... it's not always easy when I have two little guys running around wanting my full attention. :)

Thank so much! Hope you have an amazing day!




Ruby Girl said...

wonderful, so exciting!! congrats on the progress. always fun! <3 Lindsey of Ruby Girl {{}}

Crystal said...


Hi Hey Sarah I just found your blog and you are the cutest!!!!

I wondered if i could talk to you --I am getting my teeth veneered by Dr Schindler next Friday and I am sooo nervous is there anyway i could ask you some questions--I know this might seem strange I just don't know anyone who has had it done before--Thank you so much Sarah :)

Your sweet little boys are adorable! We have a boy and a girl adopted from Guatemala and two boys that are our biological boys --life is crazy but very fun and I love it! Let me know what your schedule is like and maybe we can talk sometime--my number is 614-309-4654

Mrs. Blanton said...

I have been a long time follower of yours :) Just started my mommy blogging this week. I am obsessed with all things fashion, shopping, and blogging. I love this new world :) It is how I spend my evenings when the kids go to bed. Please feel free to check out my blog :) And follow if you like :)

Sarah Bella said...

Thanks, girls!

Thank you so very much!! I'd be more than happy to call and talk to you about it. I will try tomorrow so I can answer any of your questions!:)
Thanks for your kind message!

MLE said...

Hi Sarah, I followed your blog for a while now and just wanted to tell you the site looks great. I especially enjoy that videos. Your son is a cutie. Congrats and I look forward to more tips and advice.