Saturday, February 11, 2012

The boots that kept me awake at night: Sam Edelman Pierce Boots

The Sam Edelman "Pierce boots {in color Whiskey}". I lost sleep over these. 
Remember being a kid and wanting a toy so badly it's all you thought about for days? I felt like a little kid inside dreaming about these and quite frankly obsessing. 
I don't know but I am such a sucker for rich brown riding boots to start with and over the knee? These sent me into a frantic tizzy. 
This was not just a find, point, click, buy transaction. These darlings were a feat to find {with the requirements I was looking for}. Whist no longer for sale on our everyday department store websites, I did find them on various other websites but oh... "6.5 no longer available"  "whiskey no longer available" Let's get real here, I was starting to panic. How pathetic am I? Panic over boots? There are more important things in life than boots {MUCH MORE} but hey I wanted them and bad. *shakes my head at myself*
So, I finally found them on {but I just checked and they only have one size left in this color} and they arrived today! 
I want to say I love them but I don't think we are at that point yet. They are everything I thought they would be. I think they are beautiful. It's just that... they are tall, really tall. I guess over the knee boots look better on me in my mind... being only 5'2 I'm afraid they overwhelm my body a little but what the hay... I don't care.

They fit wonderfully. I wear a 6.5 and they are very true to size. They are extremely comfortable. I really debated between the colors Whiskey and Olive but I think I am happy with my choice. The color is very pretty in person and I love how the leather is darker near the feet. 

Jeans: Target
Top: H & M for $9.99 {still in stores}

Tip: If you are interested in these boots google them and search sites that may have them in your desired color and size. Ebay had quite a few listings {over what I wanted to spend}, as did Amazon. Before buying anything online always look around and compare prices and most importantly... look for coupons! I used the coupon code "mastercard" on and I saved over $50!

It seems everywhere you go... everyone is wearing boots these day. I love it. Are you big into boots? What is your favorite boot trend, style and color? 
Do you own the Sam Edelman boot? If so, how do you like them?
I'd love to hear!

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MrsLDBlack said...

love the boots! And ur skin is looking wonderful!

Lilly said...

Ah Pierce, LOVE them. I had mine since 2010 and I still LOVE them and wear them so much.
They look great on you!

Ms.Emily said...

Those are the most beautiful boots! Yikes... I think I am going to have to search for these in my size! I think they look great on you (not at all overwhelming)!

Angela said...

LOVE the boots and the top from H & M, Lets go shopping soon! I so need new clothes and your expert fashion advice! miss you!

Vicki - aka- LVMAKEUP said...

They look great on you!!

bettyocbeauty said...

Loving the top H&M confuses me on the size, they put 3 different sizes. Do your blouse came in Small medium size?

The Bombshell Next Door said...

Baby girl I love those boots!! :)

Jill Joyce said...

Omg thats exactly what I have been going through I can't sleep, I've been dedicating my life trying to find whiskey in a 7 with no luck! I'm glad you finally found them, hopefully I will soon