Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mrs. Globe virtual voting

Hello, darlings! I'm gearing up for the Mrs. Globe pageant. I can't believe it's like 3 weeks away! The thing I'm most nervous about to be honest is leaving my kids for a week! That's the longest I've ever been away from them! But, I know they will be fine!

The pageant has opened up their virtual voting for the delegates. I'm going to post the link but I'm only going to ask you to vote if you feel it in your heart to. It is $10 per vote. I know you are probably thinking... why does it cost money to vote? All of the proceeds go towards the WIN Foundation which helps women and children in the recovery from abuse. It all goes to charity. So, even if I don't place you can rest assure that it went to a good cause. 

Link to the Mrs Globe Virtual Voting- I am Michigan! :)

Like I said... there is NO pressure what-so-ever... only if you feel it in your heart! <3

Thanks so much! Much love to you all!


Jadore said...

No doubt about it, that you are the most beautiful out of the rest! You are a beaaauty! I wish I can vote for you! Good luck!

Nicole said...

It is wonderful that the money goes towards abuse, I try to support those funds the most. I wish you so much luck in the pagent! I am looking forward to voting for you-oh and i did vote for your adorable niece so good luck to her as well :)

Sarah Bella said...

@Jadore- Thank you so very much!

@Nicole- aww.. thanks for voting for my niece!! Thank you SO much for your kind comment!

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Nicole said...

Hi Sarah, I voted for you in the Mrs. Globe Pagent a few days ago, along with that I recored my voting process to show how others can vote for you. I wanted to run it by you first before I posted it on my youtube channel for extra support :)