Friday, July 1, 2011


I always get asked where I find the quotes that I always put at the end of my posts. I found a totally wicked awesome site called and let me tell you it can become quite addicting to say the least. If you are interested in viewing a lot of the quotes I've saved go here: Link!

I found one today that kinda stuck a cord with me because I feel people on youtube sometimes love to tell you what you should be doing with yourself, what you are doing wrong and judging on how you look... and when it boils down to it... it's your body, your life and your looks... and you can do whatever you want with it. No.matter.what!
Amen, right?

Where some other quote that I totally adore

Perfectly said!

Hope you enjoyed!


Shushanna said...

Sarah, thanks for sharing these links! I love quotes and always wondered where you get these quotes. :)

faith120604 said...

I'm very glad you shared this link! I've been on the hunt for inspiration links to help motivate me on my running goals, and these are very uplifting. Thank you!

e manticoff said...

I know this is not on the subject of your post but what do you think of the Casey Anthony trial? There is a link to a petition for Caylee's law that will make it a felony to not contact law enforcement if your child goes missing. Can you please share this link with your followers.

Rebecca said...

These quotes are so lovely =] I love your blog so much, thank you for sharing.

maddi said...

Hey Sarah! Thanks for sharing the pinterest site!!! It's amazing! I wanted to join but it says you have to have someone that is already a member ask you to join? Are you a member?

<3 Thanks!

Sarah Bella said...

@Maddi you are so welcome. Yes, I am a member.

Maddi said...

Awesome I would love to join it! Do you think you could send me an invite?! Thanks!