Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Love Express Perfume = l.o.v.e

Ah-hah... I found the "photo booth" on this computer so scratch what I said below! :)

First off... let me say there is nothing more that I dislike then stock photos when reading a blog. I want to see the real deal. However, my computer is in the shop again and my computer guy let me borrow his MacBook Air... and there is no photo port. Boo. So, stock photo it is.

I was at Express yesterday and their new perfume caught my eye and all my senses when I walked into the store. Right as I walked into the store I smelled this divine scent and I gravitated towards the display. I sprayed it about 5 times while in the store but figured I didn't need another perfume... until I got home and all I wanted to do was rush back to Express and buy it.

So, today... it called me back and it's mine all mine. 
It comes in a 1.7 fl oz ($44.90) or the 3.4 ($59.90)... I got the 3.4 because I had a feeling I'd go through the 1.7 too quickly. 

I am not good at describing scents other than it's smells good... really really good. It's a light, girly, fresh and summery kind of scent. 

But, this is how they officially describe it because "really really good" doesn't really tell you much. ha ha

"Notes of Blackberry, Lily of the valley, Tiare Blossom and sheer vanilla musk". Yumm.

Have you had the chance to check this out yet? No? What are you waiting for then??



socialitedreams said...

wow, the notes sound like it would make a very wonderful aroma! i'll have to get to the mall and spray some on to try :D



Ashley bunz said...

Adding this too my shopping list when I come to the states... no Express where I live :(