Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Retin-A questions for YOU!

Since my sons were born I have had constant break outs along my jaw line and cheeks. They come and go as they please but it's really getting on my last nerve. I made an appt with my Doctor on Friday for a prescription of Retin-A. Now after doing more and more research on it I'm seeing that most insurances don't cover it and it's around $100 a tube. Yikes. My questions to you are:
-Did your insurance cover it?
-What strength did you get? 
-Did you apply it all over your face or just in the effected areas?
-Were the results worth it?

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I'm scared I'll have a terrible reaction to it because I have pretty sensitive skin but of course I'd start out with the lowest dose. I'm not going to lie... the anti-aging benefits also sound very appealing as well.

So, what are YOUR thoughts and and what was your experience with Retin-A?

Thanks for your feedback! 


Natalie said...

I've never used Retin-A (but have thought about it!) but I do work in a pharmacy and thought I could answer some of your questions! There's about a 50% chance your insurance will cover Retin-A, simply because some strengths do not come in generic form and insurance would rather you try that first. Oftentimes your dermatologist's office will have coupons (and even samples) for the more expensive products that can reduce the price DRASTICALLY (I had one the other day go from a $230 co-pay to $30!).

Hope some of this information helped! Let us know how it works for ya :)

Sana said...

I used this cream my derm gave me for retin a-- it was horrible! my skin was EXTREMELY dry and flaky. She told me that it would pay off in the long run but honestly, it wasn't worth it because my makeup looked terrible on my flaky skin. If you use it, apply it with a moisturizing face cream like CETAPHIL. All derms recommend that.

Sarah Bella said...

Thank you so much. Your info was very helpful. I think I will call my pharmacy tomorrow before I even go to my appt. Thanks!

Sana- I know they say it take 2-3 weeks for your skin to get used to it and stop flaking and then you will see great results but I understand your frustration and I wouldn't want to deal with that either! Thanks for your input! xo

┈━═☆Melisa☆═━┈ said...

I've used Retina since my early twenties,Insurance has never covered it for me:(The only way the doc said it would was if I had cystic acne & of course I'm using it for aging reasons..lol The cost is just crazy but well worth it..You can ask for the micro gel formula which is a lot let stressful to the skin & just as effective..Also be sure not to over do it with Retina, you can actually damage your skin..The Doc should tell you that a pea size for each are of the face will do even if you weren't able to cover the whole area that's fine because Retina expands in the skin..

Good luck!That'd be awesome if your able to get ins to pay for it!!I'd be jelly!

Sasha said...

My insurance does cover my retin-a. I see a dermatologist and she gives me rebates cards to help with my copay which is 35$.
I use middle of the road. The lower dose is not powerful enough for me.
I apply it all over my face because its supposed to help with my pores as well.
I like my results. My face can tend to be flaky at sometimes which can be annoying. I did the accutane thing and this is just to help keep those results.

Jazz said...

-Yes, my insurance did cover Retin-A, I only have to pay $20.00 for it.
-I got prescribed the highest strength Retin-A(0.1%)
- I am extremely acne-prone all over my face! So I do have to apply Retin-A all over.
-My results were definitely worth it! My acne has improved drastically and the dark spots have disappeared. I continously use retin-A and it is keeping me acne free!
P.S: I would suggest that you also read the retin-A reviews on Makeupalley they were very helpful to me when I was deciding whether or not to use it.

Amandine said...

It's most likely hormonal acne. For me, birth control and switching to soy milk helped clear my skin!

Elizabeth said...

Do a little cost research (hint hint Canada!)

Sassa7 said...

Hi Sarah, My mom years ago back in Europe she used Retin-A and it dried out her skin after awhile and she has oily skin type! I have a big bottle of Retin-A serum which i use rarely as it is for more mature skins.
I have the same problem as you do. Once i turned 21 and for a year now that im 22 im having those red hard painful pimples on my jawline an im taking really good care of my skin so i assume its a hormonological thing cuz i never ever had this issue before, not even when i was a teenager! Two months ago i went to the Clinique counter pretty frustrated about my problem an the lady suggested that i should try the "Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel Action Ciblee" which I was 100% sure it wouldnt work, but it was only 15 bux so i said why not. Once i applied it at night before bed, the next day my jawline was so smooth and even and the zits were no longer red, they were dried out and invisible. AMAZING! An it doesnt dry my skin out, just the zits! I love this product, since im using it i use less foundation!

Valerie Brower said...

I've used it for years. I don't get bad break outs just on my time of the month on my chin and jaw line. Ok here's the thing I wish I knew b4 using it the first time. This is really strong stuff!! Make sure ur skin has been dry for at least 15-20 minutes b4 applying Retin A if you don't let it dry ur face will feel like it on fire and u will leave an ugly chemical like burn. (had two burns on my back that last about a yr bc I didn't wait to it to b dry) It has something to do with one of the ingredients in Retin A having a bad reaction with water that's what my dr told me. Also u need to start off with a small dose. Only apply it to ur acne spots bc any place u don't have acne it will really dry it out. I would start using it 2 or 3 nights a week then when u think ur skin is getting use to it u can gradually do more nights. Also the days u know u'll b in the sun, don't use Retin A bc it causes extreme hypersensitivity in the sun. My insurance covers it for $8 a tube. I prefer using the .025 any higher and my face starts to peel off n I get blotchy n red.

Valerie Brower said...

My friend using Retin A generic brand and it works just the same as mine. So just pick up the generic if it's cheaper. Good luck. If u have any question feel free to ask :)

Valerie Brower said...

And yes the results are 100% worth it!!! Oncey acne starts on my jaw line or shoulders I nip um with Retin A and the either go away or don't fully develop and go away. Good luck!!

...Beau Fashion... said...

Sounds worth a try
I forgot you have to have insurence
Gosh I'm so happy we have the NHS


MediterraneanX said...

I haven't used it but I get bad breakouts due to hormones/stress and use Dermalogica's overnight clearing gel - it's honestly amazing. I'm going through a bad patch and have used some for the last three nights and my skin is nearly clear. They also do a great spot treatment for individual spots themselves.

Vanessa said...

My doctor prescribed retin-a for mild acne. When I put it on it would burn and sting like crazy and then a couple days later my skin got really dry and flaky. My skin was so flaky that make-up make it look worse. I used it for a month and it never stopped flaking. I stopped using it and now I get a glycolic peel once a month and use a 15% aha cream nightly. I also switched to dermalogica special cleansing gel and daily microfoliant and my skin has never been better.

Good luck!

Rubiiee said...

I use generic Tretinoin 0.025%. When I apply it I put it all over my face, then concentrate on problem areas.It's been working great for me, I've been using it for over a year. I still get occasonial breakouts, but not like I had before.

I also use it in conjunction with Clindamycin Phosphate pledgets.

Rachael said...

I've never commented before, just lurked, but I've dealt with the acne monster for years & figured I would share.

- I used Retin-A & Differin through high school with great results in conjunction with hormonal birth control pills & a very gentle face wash. They both worked fantastic & I always had great skin.
- Around college, however, Retin-A just suddenly stopped working for me as my skin switched from teen acne to adult acne. Retin-A has never worked for me to combat adult acne (which for me is the deeper, more painful acne consentrated around the jaw and cheeks).
- My derm switched me to Tretinoin (generic) & a different BC pill, & that worked fantastic.
- The thing to remember with drugs like Retin-A & tretinoin & many other drugs like them is that you absolutely cannot (1) get pregnant or breast feed, as they are very dangerous to developing babies, or (2) wax - these drugs thin out your skin & waxing can actually cause the top layer of skin to get ripped right off (speaking from personal experience) so it is vital that while you use them you stick to a gentle skin routine for everything else.
- They're all very expensive, so ask your derm for discount cards or samples as much as possible.

- I have been TTC for the past year & now use Proactiv (the whole system) in conjunction with Effaclar A.I. for spot treatment, & it works great for the most part & I'm very pleased. It's also much more cost-effective than prescription drugs.

e manticoff said...

I had a horrible experience with Retin-A. I used it when I was younger and it wasn't to bad but didn't really make a difference. I will tell you that if you put it all over your face you will break out in place you never had acne before. I started using Retin-a Micro 3 months ago and holy crap my skin was a war zone. I got these huge cyst like pimples I never got before. It has taken me 3 months to heal from that. I would suggest using Tea Tree Oil or Glycolic Acid because it's much gentler. I would not use Cetaphil cleanser because it contains Propylene Glycol which is toxic to the liver which in turn will only make you break out more. It also contains sulfates which are drying. I don't get all the hype with Cetaphil. I swear these Derms get paid for pushing Cetaphil on us. A better face wash would be Paraben, Propylene Glycol, Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Fragrance and Phtalate free. Try Dr. Bronners soaps from the Vitamin Shoppe. They have one that contains Tea Tree Oil. His soaps are made with coconut, jojoba and hemp oil which are good for your skin. These ingredients are non-pore clogging. It's all about doing your research. Be your own advocate. A lot of the so called acne fighting products out there actually cause acne. Try a few of these supplements, a balance of all the omega fatty acids such as 3,6,9, zinc, 100mg of a B Complex, an anti-inflammatory diet. You can research anti-inflammatory diets on the internet. Just be careful with what you put on your skin because you can make the situation worse. Keep it simple.

Kim's Vanity said...

I've been using doctor prescribed Retin A for years and I love it. It really is magical, it takes pimples down almost overnight to the point they're gone! I usually only use it on problem areas, but you can also use 4 small dabs a day, one on forehead, one on each cheek, and one on chin.
My work benefits cover it.

LaurenElizabeth said...

I have used Retin-A and it dried my skin out at first but after a bit my skin got used to it and it was definitely worth it! Be cautious because summer time is coming and it will make your skin sensitive to the sun...i completely forgot about it and used it before i went to the beach and it was not pleasant...other than that it has been great :)

Nicole said...

I wouldn't do the Retin-A. There's a lot more options for treating your periodic acne breakouts. Especially if you have sensitive skin I say Retin-A is too harsh and you should research other alternatives.

guitarrasara said...

I experienced good results with Retin-A Micro for treatment of acne (reduced breakouts and evened out the texture of my skin) but I am on a different insurance plan now, and a very very very small tube is $200 as it is not covered by my insurance (Previously I had a $20 co-pay). For that reason I won't buy it.

Sarah~ said...

I went to a dermatologist that put me on a pretty strong dose and it dried my face out so bad, turned red and itched.

Years later I was at my internist and she wanted me to try it and I was like "NO!" Come to find out you're supposed to start out with the smallest dose and work your way up after a month at the low dose! So, I tried the small dose and had no problem with it. Yes, my insurance covered it, I had a 10dollar co-pay. Also, the area that you are "breaking out" in is often related to allergies. The chin area often is an indicator of food allergies and the cheeks indicates more environmental allergies. I just read this TODAY in "Skinervention" by Scott Vincent Borba at Barnes and Noble. :) It appears to be quite true. My sister has lots of food allergies and breaks out on her chin and I get these tiny little red dots on my cheeks and I am allergic to a lot of environment things such as dust and grass.

CarissaRose said...

Sarah, my insurance did cover part of it, but I still had to pay over $100. It depends on what exact type of retinoid cream you would get, because there are a lot of different 'names' (Tazorac, Differin, Tretinoin). If you do use it, be prepared for your skin to get worse before it gets better. Also don't expect to see results within the first 3 months. If you do use it, you must, MUST wear at least SPF 35 during the day. This cream has the potential to leave your skin very sensitive to the sun, light and heat and you might experience irritation and flakiness. Ease into it, use it every other night and only use a pea-sized amount. I am an esthetician, and I can say that this drug might not be for everyone. But you'll never know for yourself unless you give it a try.

Leonessa27 said...

Hy sarah,
I use it from time to time, mostly in the winter. In the beginning its normal that your skin starts to peel off, but after a while you will get used to it and these reactions will clear out.
You have do defintly do you research, because I had a generic brand, and had to pay about $20, and it worked perfect. I got the 0.1%, I know its the toughest one, there are other with a lower ingredient as 0,025%
I recommend you to watch the video on Youtube from thesumblimeagent, its called: Tretinoin (Retin-A)
He did an excellent research on this product.
You really have to give it a try, but you need patience!

Kelli Rae said...

I also was on Retin-A because like you, I had beautiful skin until I had my first daughter. Then I was stricken with pimples on my jaw line and chin!! I would get ones that were down deep and would take months to go away. I also have used Epiduo too. I had better results with the Epiduo than the Retin-A. I guess everyones skin responds differently. And like Sana said make sure you use a good moisturizing face cream. My derm recommended CeraVe. He told me to put the CeraVe on first and then about 30 minutes later the Retin-A or Epiduo. It helps to put on the moisturizing cream first, because it will help to put a "barrier" on your skin so it doesnt dry out horribly. And the acne treatment will still work with you putting the cream on first = )

Nine to Five?! said...

Hi Ladies :)

I live right by the Mexico boarder. If any of you need Retin-A just shoot me an email to vividawg02@hotmal.com I can get it for cheap and it works amazing.

Aryana said...

My insurance did cover it - I paid $15 for a tube. I was prescribed the low strength, .025% cream. It worked great - my skin just got better and breakouts decreased more the longer I used it :) It does make your skin flaky, so MICROFIBER CLOTHS ARE YOUR FRIEND! haha they are the best for removing the flaky, dead skin (which is necessary to keep it from building up and clogging your pores. However for the past year or so I don't have health insurance... planning on finding a good plan soon just so I can keep using Retin-A.. lol, so vain. Recently I ordered a bunch of different strengths and formulas of Retin-A from this Indian online pharmacy that a lot of beauty geeks online order stuff from (generic Latisse for $11!) They were so cheap I got the gels, creams, and retin-a micro in different strengths. I have been a bit wary of using them though and the one I got from the Dr. seems to be better.

Carmen said...

I used Retin-A Micro years ago. While it got rid of my acne after a couple of months, the trade off was that it made my skin dry, flaky and sensitive. It works, but you really have to baby your skin. Moisture well and avoid sunlight.

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biswa said...

your skin will become more sensitive to sunlight, so you will want to use a very effective.

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Julyanna said...

WOW...Retin A is so expensive in US. I am a dual citizen (Brazilian-American) and I use Retin A(0,05%) every winter.

Usually I pay $20,00 here in Brazil, it is so cheap, plus they sell this product without prescription! My skin looks amazing and since I started to use it I've received a lot of compliments at how good my skin looks.

I use Retin A every couple nights or so, the nights that I don't use Retin A I will use DYI C Serum.


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Dexter Benson said...

I used to use Retin A, but the side effects were so bad - my dermatologist recommended the Lady Soma Serum and Lady Soma Somatique Face Wash. It has Retinol Vitamin A in it, WITHOUT the side effects of Retin A. For those of you actually using Retin A, here is my routine... Wash with Lady Soma Somatique Face Wash - then apply the Lady Soma Renewal Serum. In the morning I wash again with this Lady Soma Wash. The Lady Soma stuff also seems to be helping with the intial breakout I got from the Retin A (have not had acne in years! was put on the Retin A for sun damage & fine lines).