Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ohgle- it's like a fashion and beauty twitter/blog wrapped up into one!

Today I joined a site called Ohgle and so far... so fun. It's kinda like twitter for fashion and beauty. You can post  things you recommend to people and a small review as to why. I don't have any "friends" on it yet so basically I've been posting things for my own amusement. When posting you only get 140 characters like on twitter but you can post pictures and look up hundreds of thousands of products to tell each other about. 

I just want to say that in no way am I affiliated with this site,  or paid to talk about this site... I just think it's fun and a cool concept.

So, if you join... add me and let me know so I can add YOU!!! I'm lonely and have no friends yet. ;)

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DeAnna said...

just saw the bag you posted about the Michael Kors one - i just saw it at TJMaxx for about $120. it's a gorgeous bag!!

Lisa said...

just joined.... this looks like fun!!

Mei Mei said...

You got blog awards from me! It's on my blog ;-)