Thursday, April 14, 2011

Murad Sale!

Murad is having a sale on some of their kits! If you are a Murad fan then you'll know that this is a pretty good deal. So, if you need to stock up then hopefully this will help you save some muh-la. I'm thinking I might get the Environmental Shield... I read a book recommend by one of my blog followers called Skintervetion! It talked about a lot of things that may be causing us skin problems without us knowing about it... environmental damage plays a huge effect on your skin. Get the book! I ordered it on Kindle through Amazon last night and read it in 2 hours.... it was very insightful and inspiring! 

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Resurgence Anti Aging

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Natalia Valerie said...

I know that everyone's skin is different, having said that, I've had pretty great skin my entire life. However, when I started using Murad (about a year ago) my skin has been at it's worst! I would even go to his spa here in Los Angeles and get Murad facials and my breakouts have been so bad :( I simply cannot recommend their products.

I finally made an appointment for the derm next week so I am excited to clear up my skin. Sounds like i'll be trying the Retin A as well!