Friday, April 29, 2011

A fairy tale: dreams really do come true!

The day an ordinary girl becomes a princess! Dreams really do come true. Never think the impossible in life. What a magical day in the world. Though I am American I have a lot of British blood from all 4 of my grandparents so guess what... I'm going to claim her as my princess, too... so there! :) Not really so don't get mad.

The thing I love most about Kate is her gentle nature and kind spirit...and the fact she is SO down to earth. I think it's amazing she did her own make up for her ROYAL wedding. That says a lot.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from today and a laugh at some of the hats
 {sorry... I can't help myself}.

This is my favorite picture! It captures her beauty, grace, joy and class.

So happy!
She is so beautiful!

Now on to the hats... I just don't get some of these!

The girl on the right wins the award for worst hat for the century! 

Not sure about the hat Vic but the dress and shoes look ravishing on you!

Looks like a bowl.

I couldn't pull it off but I think it's really pretty!

Wills cousin Zara looks amazing from head to toe!

Hey! It's Mr. Bean! I think her hat is cute and love her shoes!

Very Kentucky derby... I like!

The woman on the right looks stunning and her hat is perfect for her.

Careful with that hat... might poke yer eye out!

The late princess Diana's nieces got it right! They look very feminine and beautiful. Adorable hats!

What a magical historic day!


Alexia Avalon said...

The woman in Pale pink is Letizia, princess of asturias wife of prince Felipe from Spain.

kikiazure said...

What a sweet blog post! It is so inspiring that an ordinary life can be turned around and dreams do come true! That bow hat was hillarious but the princess was sooo beautiful and humble, I felt jealous did you?

Justine (Productrater) said...

I thought the girl sitting behind the queen was Lady gaga.. hahah. Terrible, terrible hat.

...Beau Fashion... said...

It was a great day and she is perfect, I agree
The girl you gave an award for worst hats is a princess btw and thats her sister with her who is also a princess

Lydia said...

There were some DREADFUL hats, I agree! Very bizarre choices. I find it very funny that you describe Princess Eugenie as "that girl on the right" haha - made me smile. You're right about her though, I think she was the worst dressed along with her sister Beatrice.
I loved watching the wedding, I didn't realise how excited I would get about it x

Rebecca said...

Right now she's a duchess, but when Charles becomes king she'll move up to princess. I thought she would be, too, but they said that's not how the order works. Diana was marrying the first in line for future king, so she was a princess after the wedding. :)

Sassa7 said...

Some hats look like satellite dish hahaha I could see some of the guys were looking at those ladies in a funny way.
Thank you for this post Sarah!
Kate looked very simple yet beautiful.

Lydia said...

Had to leave another comment - thanks so much for following my blog. I saw that I had hit 370 and was so happy to see that it was you! :) x

Shushanna said...

I loved this post! I watched the Royal wedding with my mom, cousins and neighbors. We loved it! It's like a modern day Cinderella story! it made me forget for a second what century we live in.

Barbie said...

I love all the hats and fascinators! I hope that catches on in the US!

Kate Middleton is fabulous!

salonjuleen said...

The young woman you awarded with "Worst Hat" is in fact Princess Beatrice (Sarah Ferguson's daughter) , who was actually a wedding crasher!

Greatcosmotic said...

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Ke said...

Princess Letizia looks gorgeous and so does Kate :) Love this post. :D Please check out my makeup blog too when you have a moment <3

StetikGreter said...

Mucha originalidad en la boda !! jajaaj me encanta tu blog,muy original!!! yo recien hice el mio si te apetece pasar, podria resultarte interesante!! saludos y buen dia!!!

parenting articles said...

i really love kates' makeup! simple but very elegant.

that was the weirdest looking hat on the wedding. is it a must to wear fashionable hats on royal occasions?

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Princess Paradise said...

sweetmouse24 said...

I enjoyed every minute of it! Kate looked amazing..I truly believe she will be a style icon in the future.

They seem so in love...

All the comments are right, most of the hats were just horrible! :D

Elle said...

They're called fascinators. They're supposed to be... fascinating. Lol

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