Wednesday, March 23, 2011

YSL Teint Radiance Foundation = flawless face!

Without a doubt I have found my Holy Grail foundation in the MUFE HD but that doesn't stop me from trying to find the next best thing. I have been playing around with about 3 different YSL samples and I think I have found myself a true keeper... Teint Radiance {I use #5}. My gosh is this foundation nice. You wanna flawless face with a nice glow {but without being "dewy"} than this is the foundation for you! The coverage is medium but it's buildable. It has a nice fruity melon scent like all other YSL products which I really like! The lasting power is pretty impressive. I'm sure if you were someone who was out all day you might need a touch up after 6 or 7 hours. It does come with a pretty hefty price tag- $48. This is a light defusing foundation meaning it has transparent minerals pigments to allow light reflection for that stunning glow. It has SPF 20 and comes in 8 shades. 

So, yes... you could say I'm in love! <3

What I'm wearing:
YSL Teint Radiance in #5
Dior Bronzer Original Tan in Amber Tan 03
IT Cosmetics concealer in Medium 

L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
Urban Decay 24 7 Liner in Zero
MAC Shroom

Givenchy in Rose Taboo lipgloss


Have you tried this amazing foundations? What are YOUR thoughts? Pros/cons? I'd love to hear!:)

RIP to the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor 


kay eh tea ei. said...

wowww. you are incredibly gorgeous, such amazing eyes. i really want to try this! xo.

Alexia Avalon said...

I wish i could try this, but I just splurged on myself with the rouge bunny rouge milk aquarelle foundation... £47. Had to get it online but I firmly believe the color match is gonna be great...I have no other choice lol.

Have a nice day

Andi said...

Always looking for a great foundation rec! Thanks for this, I'll have to try it.

kENDRA wILLSON said...

WoW You are beautiful!!
kendra xxx

Krystal Leigh said...

Yet another foundation I now have to try! I love MUFE too, but we always want more don't we? You are looking beautiful as always! Thanks Sarah!

Tim said...

have u tried the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua?? I am curious what u think!! I am loving it at the moment

Mei Mei said...

Great review... maybe one day I'll be able to splurge on YSL till then I'll live the experience thru your ;-)

Veronika said...

your skin is so gorgeous!

leetal said...

would you say it's your new HG or is MUFE HD still better overall?

Sassa7 said...
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Sassa7 said...

Like ive said when i first saw you on a youtube vid.. you totally look like Elizabeth Taylor, and youre both (she was) mellow and kind persons. You remind me of her!

As for the YSL foundation, i love them as much as i love their lipsticks and mascaras but im still a student and they hurt my budget :/ So i found my holy grail in a new Rimmel Foundation "Clean Finish 100% poreless Vitamin A&E" Its amazing, great coverage, lasts all day and best part is it never breaks me out! (while everything breaks me out LOL)

Much love to you Sarah, i always feel your positive energy :D

Tim said...

Sarah, which do u feel is dewier? YSL or the Vitalumiere? I tried the Vitalumiere but it was too dewy/oily at the end of the day.

Sarah Bella said...

Hi Tim! I'd say the Vitalumiere is way more dewy. Actually, the YSL isn't dewy at all but gives more of a "glow".
I have tried the Aqua version of the Vitalumiere... I thought it was nice but not nice enough to wow me. The YSL foundation wowed me! :)

Tim said...

thanks Sarah!! I got a sample of the YSL #4 today from Nordies and so far I like it. I am loving the aqua because I am more of tinted moisturizer gal! Are u applying with a brush? I used fingers for aqua and beauty blender for MUFE HD and Laura Mercier tinted.

Sarah Bella said...

I apply both (well, almost ALL) foundations with Sigma's version of the 190 brush. It gives such a beautiful/flawless look! :)
Maybe I will give the Aqua a chance again in the summer! :)

Nora Schu said...

I found your blog when I was searching for swatches of MAC's Melba blush.
I hope this doesn't sound creepy but you have the prettiest eyes I've ever seen in my life!

You have a great blog, I'm now following :)


AIDA said...

Great blog! You have beautiful eyes! I am going to follow your blog, hope you will in return

Antonia said...

Sarah I am a NW20 in Mac would you say the #5 is too dark for me? I was thinking of getting #4 but then I saw these pictures of you and our skin is the same color I would say, maybe the light made you look lighter? ahah sorry for all the questions but
I have no other choice than buying it online and guessing the color!
thank you so much!

Sarah Bella said...

I'm actually NW25 so maybe the 4 would work better for you. They were very similar in color but you are right the #4 did make me look too light. I could get away with both without looking crazy but the #5 works better for me. Hope that helps.

Antonia said...

Thank you so much for responding Sarah!! I'll go with the #4, if its too light i'll use it mixed with something :)

Rola said...

I am sampling this foundation in #4 and love the look. I think I will be picking up the full size. I agree with others, your eyes are amazing:)