Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sigma "Make Me Classy"

I received these a few months ago and I've been too busy using them everyday and haven't gotten around to show them off yet!:) I've been using Sigma brushes for over a year and a half now. So, I think I can honestly give a proper opinion. I pretty much only use Sigma brushes and have sold or given away my MAC brushes. Word. It's the truth. I first tried their old brushes that came in the travel case. They have since changed their brushes a bit, added more and changed the numbers to their own system. I still use my old brushes from over a year ago and they have held up perfectly. 

This kit is Make Me Classy and the little holder was ingenious on their part. I like to store my brushes in holders because it's easier to find and I divide them into face and eyes. When you have to travel you just put all the brushes into one holder and snap it up and you are good to go.

All the brushes in this kit

Here are the brushes I use the most and how I use them:

This is the E65 Small Angle and I use this for my eyebrows. The angle works perfectly to get my brows how I want them looking. Honestly, I never did my brows before this brush.. and now I'm hooked!

F40 I always, always apply my bronzer and do my contouring with this brush
E05 I use this brush with all my gel eyeliners

E40 though this is a blending shadow brush I like to use this for powders (sometimes concealers) under my eyes. I love the softness of it... it's very gentle under my eyes.

This is the new (L) and old (R) brush...  you can see they changed the brush size by a little bit. I still use my old one for blending and the new one for powders. 

E60... this is great for packing on shadows

E70... this angeled brush works great for getting dark colors in my crease

E30 I also like using this one on my crease as well as putting shadow under my eye. I'm still using the old brush from over a year ago (that's why this one is clean) and saving this one for when I need to replace the old one. 

E55 Also great for packing on the glitter! :)

F70 concealer

F60 I could not live without this brush. I have 3 of the same brush and use them ALL the time. This is my all time favorite foundation brush!

For more info check out Sigma Beauty

*I was sent these for review purposes and I am a part of the Sigma Affiliate program. Anyone can be... so pop over to their page and sign up!*


caramorello said...

Wow what a great review!!!!!! love your blog as well

cahsezsaywhat said...

ive been debating about getting the sigma make me up set or investing in MAC brushes slowly. what made you go so far as to give them away/sell? are the sigma ones really THAT much better? thanks!


Jess said...

good review..but i don't think they r better than mac.
I did a whole rant on this on my blog.


I'm not trying to bash sigma or people who like them, but I honestly do not think they are better than mac, they are good brushes but not better.. but hey..to each their own..right? I'm glad u liked yours!

Lu said...

I don't have makeup brushes as nice at MAC or Sigma but I make do with my Sonia Kashuk make up brushes, however, there is a lot to be said about a foundation brush. I've been using my Kashuk foundation brush for over a year now and I would never go back to applying foundation any other way.

Christine said...

I really want the make me cool set :) Great review, i love Sigma :)