Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh to be a Queen!

In our minds when we think of Queens we think of royalty (well, duh), glamour, beauty... and then we are faced with reality that most Queens are actually old, dowdy and unlike anything we grew up dreaming to be. Rania Queen of Jordan is everything I think a Queen should be but with a modern twist. I love everything about this woman. She is so unbelievably hip and stylish.

Hail to the Queen!

Love her style!

Love this!!:) Could she be any cooler? lol

Don't ask me what prompted me to post on her but other than I totally adore everything about her. I wanted to share her beauty, grace and undeniable style!!

Oh, by the way I have to tell you that today my son said "momma, can we go visit the Queen of Jordan because she is really pretty." We got on that topic last night because he said he wanted to be Superman when he grows up and asked me who I wanted to be and I said the Queen of Jordan. So, today he wanted to see her and I guess he liked what he saw because he wanted to visit her straight away! :)


noga said...

i love her style too, she is so pretty and stylish.BTW Jordan is a nice country as well it has one of the world wonders which is the city of Petra It is a vast, unique city, carved into the mountain, its realy a piece of art.I am not Jordaian, I am Egyptian but i've been there once.nice post Sarah

Svetlana said...

She is absolutely stunning! Your son sounds so adorable =)

Elle said...

I love her style! She's so beautiful
Very lovely post
xoxo Elle

Andi said...

Queen Rania does have incredible style and she's so beautiful.

Delyteful Speaks said...

I love her.. She's stunning.. A true beauty.. Classy.. Glamarous.. Humanitarian..

Nathalie said...

Hi Sarah, jsut few words to say how much I love your blog, your style, your videos on tube are so great, and you 're a good person!!

Well, I follow you since few monthes and just today I post a comment because Rania is THE woman I love more than the others!! :)

Very beautiful woman!!

Oh, and sorry for mu poor english, I'm french!! :)

The Starr Family said...

Can't believe you posted this... well of course I can... she is one of my favorite style icons. Proof that understatement always best. She is class, poise, grace, and exudes taste!