Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fashion lusts

Spring is coming... and that means nicer clothes and shoes! In the winter I feel like such a slug. I hate winter coats, heavy boots and sweaters. I'm ready for open toe shoes, sun dresses and bare arms!
Here are some of my current lustings for summer....

Tory Burch "Reva"  I just adore this bag. It's so classic looking and would look amazing with any outfit... day or night. I long to have this on my arm. 

House of Harlow 1960 "Resin Gold and Black" necklace
I've had my eye on this necklace for a few years now. It's the perfect statement piece. It's just stunning. 

Christian Louboutin "Very Prive Satin Peep toe" Ummm, need I say more? I think this on every girls "wish list"... if she isn't lucky enough to own a pair yet. I know they are a crazy insane amount a money... and yes... it's stupid to pay the much for a pair of shoes. I'm aware... I really am. But, I want them!! 

Bebe "Armor Shirt Dress" I found this dress a few days ago and as soon as I saw it I knew that I had to have it. Everything about it is stunning. I was so excited to own it. So, yesterday I went to drool over it again and I saw the deadly words "OUT OF STOCK". No. Why? How could it be? It was supposed to be mine! Hopefully my Bebe store still has it!

Tibi Animal on Crepe Cap Sleeve Dress
Love this dress so much but not sure if I could pull it off... but I'd be willing to try! :) But, oh... the price is bit off a downer for an average Jojo like me. Almost $400... yikes. A girl can dream though, right? That's free. 

Have Faith Swimwear "Blood Orange Tunic" This tunic/cover up is exquisite! I know it's a beach cover up but I'd love to wear it as a shirt with jeans. It's so pretty!

What are you dreaming of for the spring and summer? What are your must haves?

Fashion dreaming is free but wearing that perfect dress is so much better.

So, this is basicaly my dream outfit. Well, not DREAM outfit but something I'm dreaming of at the moment! :)

All dressed up and nowhere to go


Alexia Avalon said...

Can't wait to get new summery-like dresses, sandals and try new brozed goddess looks.

Hope you have a nice day. Take care.


Sarah said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these thing(:
Check out my blog

Anna Saccone said...

That necklace is sooo stunning!! It's on my wishlist too! :) xoxo

Veronika said...

I have that exact TB reva bag and i'm obsessed with it! it's so versatile :)


Elle said...

Love that quote
I have had that necklace on my wishlist for ages
xoxo Elle


HeartsHoneyTea said...

Aloha Sarah...Just so thrilled for you that you got that BEBE dress you wanted, what a sweet thing for your hubby to do for you! I think I may need to start "visual" wish list for my husband too LOL! Hope you guys get to plan a "date night" or something so you can wear it out! take care my sister...love T!