Sunday, February 20, 2011

Would you try snake venom serum?

There isn't much I won't try in the name of beauty but snail slime and the newest craze.... Snake Venom serum is where I might draw the line (I say might because you never know). Glamoxy Snake Serum is the new celebrity must have. It's a oxygenated viper "inspired" serum containing syn-ake (which is a new peptide modeled after viper venom). It claims to instantly firm and lift the face and freeze the muscles such as the likes of Botox. It also claims to plump fine lines and wrinkles. Now, I'd be interested in trying this to see if it actually sounds scary but I am a curious soul. The skeptic in me also says this sounds to good to be true but I'd love to be proved wrong and find a total gem. It runs around $160 US.

Used by:

Cheryl Cole
Victoria Beckham
Kate Moss

All of these women DO have lust worthy skin.... so hmmmmm... maybe they are on to something?

Have you heard of this? Would you try this? Do you think it works?

The new botox???


BeautyMark3d said...

Wow that is just crazy! I would definitely have to draw the line there too!


Lil Lina said...

um I hate snakes they scare the bejesus outta me...whatever happened to putting hemorrhoid cream on your skin to tighten up? Think that costs $<--follow me!

Gigi said...

That snake venom idea sounds freakin scaryyyyyy! I'm afraid of snakes and can't imagine putting their poison in my skin lol. If ever necessary I'd be more tempted to try botox and not something labeled snake venom lol.

The Kikay Girl said...

Uhm, this is crazy! Sounds scary and will probably not be something i'll try! LOL

paul said...


...Beau Fashion... said...

I would try this but when Im a lot older, only 18 so not quite yet. I'm surprised Cheryl Cole uses it

miraldamaasikas said...

This thing breaks me out. Completely useless and counter productive product for me. Gave it away to my mum who says it's sort of Ok but nothing special

pil666 said...
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pil666 said...

i heard more information in here:
Snake Serum

try it !