Saturday, February 5, 2011

Circa 1983

I found an few baby pictures of me when I was cleaning out my closet yesterday. I have like 3 huge albums filled of baby/childhood pictures but I have no idea where they are since I moved. So, these are the only ones I found.

Just thought I'd share baby Sarah. :)

I think I was 11 months old here and have a bruise somehow on my eye... probably from learning how to walk or just my giant head. For all the doubters that make fun of my eyes and think I use weird contact to make them bigger... nope the colored part has *ALWAYS* taken up almost all my eye. :)


This picture looks actually like my youngest sons face! I think I was 2- I was slow at getting my hair!

Now 27! All grown up!!! :)


Madiha said...

Awww you really were one adorable baby! :)

Sassa7 said...

OMG gorgeous baby!! Havent changed much really! I love you Sarah! Youre always so sweet :)

florence79 said...

Awww so cute! You were lovely then and you are lovely now!♥

Jesse said...

Aw you look JUST like your youngest son, so cute! what are you wearing on your lips in the last picture? x

Alvina said...

cheryl cole she has veeners, what r those exactly