Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes 2011 Best and Worst!

Beautiful dresses, gorgeous hair, fab jewels, stunning make up, sexy shoes...and then you have the not so great. This is my take on the fashions at the Golden Globes 2010!:)
Angelina Jolie in Versace
Now, I'm not totally in love with the dress in general but the way SHE wears it, it looks like a million bucks. This dress would look terrible on me but she looks beyond stunning in it and the color on her is to die!

Emma Stone in Calvin Klein Collection
Emma looks like a 1970's California Barbie in this dress. This dress is so simple and understated yet the simplicity of it is perfection on her. This color is so beautiful and looks great with her new blonde locks. I personally think she was one of the most stunning last night.

Megan Fox
There is nothing that I don't love about this dress. I'd own this one and wear it {if I could}.
This dress is so feminine which is kinda an odd choice for MF. Though she IS one of the most beautiful women in the world {after Angelina, of course}she's not super "feminine". I think she's looking a little too thin, though. Her face is so skinny... I LIKE skinny but something is not looking right. But, back to the dress... it's perfection. 

Claire Danes in Calvin Klein Collection
This dress is very simple but sometimes simple is better. The cut and the color really look beautiful on her.

Sandra Bulock
I personally really like this dress. I would have done something different with her hair ie: no bangs. This dress is so gorg and I think the hair kind of distracts from the dress.

Tilda Swinton in Jil Sander
Oh boy, what can I say? This dress really looks thrown together. Meaning a mans shirts with a piece of yellow fabric perhaps clipped together in the back. There is nothing flattering about this "dress". 

Michelle Williams
Michelle, Michelle, Michelle... what were you thinking? I can't remember who made this but I am thinking it was Versace? This dress is really outdated circa 1994 and a little too childish for my liking. Too many daisy's and the color is all wrong. :(

Julianne Moore in Lanvin
I'm just not digging the fabric... it looks a little wrinkly. I'm not really feeling the poofy sleeve either. 

Helena Bonham Carter
This is wrong on so many levels but this is kinda her thing. She likes to be different. If she's comfortable than that's great for her but I think it's very distasteful. Two different shoes? What?

Heidi Klum in Marc Jacobs
I'm not a fan of this dress. Too much going on and I don't really care for the bow. Sorry, Heidi. Wonder Michael Kors would say if someone made this on Project Runway??

Did you have a favorite? Who was your least favorite?


... said...

Michelle Williams, why?

I had really high hopes for her :)

Great recap ~!!

Jo said...

I kinda lika Sandra Bullock's hair actually! think my fave out of these Is Emma Stone tho - so effortless, *jealous*!!


Natalia Valerie said...

I have to agree with you on your selections. I am very surprised by Michelle Williams and Heidi Klum.. you'd think that with the amount of money the celebrities have they'd have great stylists. I guess even stylists have an OFF day!


Gigi said...

Great picks!

I do like sandra bullocks hair but wish she'd done slightly shorter bangs.
Angelina is stunning in that dress.

And I see what u mean about megan fox.. I think she looks a bit like a 'lollipop': big skinny head on even thinner body. :/

3ate4 said...

I've noticed Megan's face looks quite different lately, too, I think she's had something else done and it's starting to make her look a little older rather than younger. Still, she does look lovely as always.

Jess said...

I agree with you on sandra's hair..I don't really like it on her..i luv angelina and emma though..and ome..the worst dress r really the!

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Rebecca said...

I think you mean 2011 awards. ;) There were some interesting dresses, but I kind I prefer the odd dresses because they stand out.
I did love Mila Kunis and Catherine Zeta Jones, who also chose green dresses. Natalie Portman's dress was cute for a maternity gown. Anne Hathaway had almost the same design as Angelina's dress, only it was in a golden bronze shade. There were a lot of jeweltone shades. I loved Tina Fey's dress a lot because she went with velvet.

Anna Saccone said...

I definitely agree with your picks! Although I didn't mind Tilda Swinton's too much...I just thought it was kind of "blah". She always has that androgynous look but it's not really my style :/ I think you would totally rock Angelina's Versace Sarah!! <3

Christine said...

i love Angelina, that dress is gorgeous <3

cahsezsaywhat said...

angelina: I had the same thoughts! "wow..gorgeous. but that would look so bad on me" hahaha the color is amazing though!

sandra: from what i heard, she had to cut the bangs for a future movie so I'm sure she'll grow it back out :) I'm not quite a fan of it either

emma: i didn't even recognize her with the blonde! im such a fan of her original color. looks good w/ her pale tone- but you're right. she is working this simple dress to the t!

great fashion recap! you definitely picked out the best and the worst!