Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blog Sale! ;)

It's blog time again. I found certain things I've fallen in love it so some thing just don't get any loving and that's just a waste. I'd rather offer them to someone else to put to good use!:)

Serious inquires ONLY. Please don't say you really want something then never contact me again. If you change your mind... just tell me. I don't bite!;)

I only use Paypal

No returns

Please comment below with what you want and please leave your e-mail so I can send an invoice

First come- first serve

Shipping/packaging $4 and $1 for any additional added items. International is $6

I will send invoices after 8:30pm tonight.

Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy!! :)

People rave and rave about this product but it just wasn't for me. I wasn't a fan of the smell. People who love it think it works amazingly so I might as well pass it on to someone who will love it. It has been refrigerated since day one for longer life- only owned a few months. Retails for $142 - $100 only used a few times

Ole Henrirksen Truth Serum Retails for $48- I only used this a few times as well. $29

Clinique Even Better Foundation in No 04 Cream Chamois. While I do love this foundation I just don't use it. I bought it to use just on my cheeks to cover extra redness but just never grab for it. Applied once all over my face and a few times to the cheeks. Almost new. Retails for $24.50- $15 *SOLD

Discontinued MAC Delft Paint Pot- new NEVER been used. This is my back up and I'll never get through the other one I have! $21 (this is going anywhere from $24-39 on ebay) *SOLD

21 ampules left out of 30 Retails for $89.95 -$48

Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream Retails for $46- $20 *SOLD

Swatched once Retails for $18- $10

New. $6

Motives 10 years younger setting spray- new. Retails for $29- $19 *SOLD



akuhl said...

Hi can i get the clinq. even better. Thanks.

Marielvis Marquez said...

Hi, I would like to buy the Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream. My paypal account is

I am also interested on the C E Ferulic, but I wonder why you are bother by the smell. I have used two bottles and It does not have smell at all. Is the liquid still clear? When did you buy it?

If you need my email is


Samah Kattan said...

Hi... I woud like to get the MAC Delft Paint Pot please.


Deborah has freckles said...

Hi Sara,if the delft paint pot sale falls through i would love to buy it.Many Thanks,Deborah x

Deborah has freckles said...

Forgot to leave my can pay immediately !! x

santanamaria said...

HI!! I am interested in the motives 10 years younger!
My email is

thank you!

Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) said...

Nice sale :)


Could you help me with something please...?
How do you know wich Mac is not fake on ebay?
I mean...wich products could not be fake?
Thank you! :)