Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Annndd... I'm sick! :(

I've come down with a cold and I'm super bummed. I have so many reviews I want to do and some require video and pictures... and we all know how I am looking right now is not acceptable for that. Ha ha.

My head is fuzzy and my nose is sneezey. No make up and unbrushed hair... comfy jammies. Nice. :o/

I have a review coming up for a great Keratin Treatment... it washes out in ONE day... yes, one day. If you are familiar with Keratin treatments then you know that's a big deal because you usually can't wash your hair for 3 days!!

{my hair with the Keratin Treatment} <3 it

I got the new Sigma kit! I love it. I have tried all of these brushes before but I love this set! I personally think it's going to be amazing for traveling and storing them!

I also got some Luxy hair extensions! I cannot wait to show you guys these. They are so pretty and match my hair perfectly. I haven't worn them out yet because well... I haven't really gone anywhere but since my hair has gotten thinner they really have added some great volume to my hair!

If you haven't checked out the owners youtube channel... you MUST!!! They are so beautiful and as sweet as sweet can be!!! :)

So, I can't wait to get better so I can show you these amazing things I am totally loving!!! :)

Hope everyone is doing amazing and staying well!!!



Hollywood said...

I think you look Hot even sick not fair. Anyways (lol) I can't wait for the reviews I ahve been missing your Posts !!!!


Sarah Bella said...

@Chloe... awww... lol... thank you. You are wayyy too kind. I'll get to posting more now the holidays are done and I get over this darn cold. MUAH!!!

Barbie said...

Aw, you look cute!

Get better soon!

3ate4 said...

I was about to say you look great even when you're ill, too.
If your hair in your new years pics are anything to go by then I really wouldn't mind trying the Keratin treatment out.

vivialsaka said...

youre soo ridiculously pretty!! most people look like death when theyre sick! haha

clramos81 said...

what color Luxy extensions did you go with? Im torn between the dark brown and the chocolate brown!

Sarah Bella said...

@ Barbie thank you... you are very sweet.

@3ate4 thank you! :) xo You will love this Keratin treatment. It's awesome!

@vivialsaka awww... thank you!! :)

@clramos81 I got the dark brown #2 :)

clramos81 said...

Just an FYI. You mentioned you got extensions due to your hair getting thinner. I know you have done Keratin treatments as well. I know of a few people who had hair loss/breakage/thinning after keratin treatments. Some people have a reation to it. Don't know it its related but figured I'd let you know.

Monica said...

What color is your hair here? is it still the 28 Healthy look? I really like it. I just colored my hair dark brown but is missing the reddish tones I used to have :(

Andee Layne said...

hope you feel better love! Great post on the keratin treatment...ill def have to look into this! xo

Jordan said...

You're adorable! Look at how good you look! Even when you're sick! lol

sasha said...

Where did you get the Keratin treatment?
I tried the other one you suggested, and i wanted to know if you could do a review and direction with this new version ?You are always so informative about new products you try thank you!
Thanks in advance!