Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anyone wanna swap for my LV?

I'm trying to get rid of my Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Sonatine handbag... I've had it listed twice on ebay but honestly e-bay is flooded with LV's so mine never sold. Don't get me wrong... I love this bag. I lusted after it. It's just not practical for me with two toddlers. It doesn't fit all the toys, snacks, band-aids, make up. I've used it at most 4 times {if that}... it's not really a "going to the grocery store" kinda bag and just sits in my closet.
It is 100% authentic and the leather handles are starting to oxidize it's that nice brown color { a true sigh of an authentic bag}.

So, what I'd like to swap for is a gift card to Nordstrom so I can get this : Michael Kors "Ines Large Hobo Bag"   {the one in cute} This bag is more "momma size". :) So, hopefully someone will take this LV off my hands before I sell it to the gypsys!

So, let me know if you are interested either comment below or e-mail me at


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tag: My perfect imperfections

There is a fun tag going around youtube but since I am on a long break from all of that I thought I'd post it on my blog. I love hearing what other women don't like because it kinda makes me not feel alone like "hey, I can't stand that about myself either... I guess I'm not alone in that". It's not that I like hearing what other women feel insecure about but it just makes you feel better knowing that not everyone thinks they are perfect because in reality nobody is. Even the most beautiful woman on earth has something she doesn't like about herself but sometimes those are the things that actually make her more beautiful. 

Now as the tag goes you have to name 3 things you really dislike about yourself {and things that bug you 'till no end} and 3 things you like about yourself. 

My imperfections (dislikes):

My nose:
Are you tried of me saying that yet? Some people still have it in their little heads that I've had work done on it but no.. I haven't. I will be the FIRST person to say I'd love a nose job if money was not object.  I'm not ashamed. My nose is pushed over too far to the right and looks crocked. It's really something I don't like at all. 

As you can see it's pushed this way -----> from when I broke it. Ugh! Bugs me.

My teeth:
I have disliked my teeth since I was in first grade. My teeth are more rounded and you can see my gums at the top. I guess I always wanted more movie star teeth a la Whitney Houston.

The bags under my eyes:
Nothing I can do can conceal them... they make me look tried and OLD. Grr. Hate those.

Can I only name 3?! Darn.

Now on to likes (or wouldn't change if I could)

Eye color:
I think my eye color is unique and the colored part of my eye is rather large... pretty much take up my whole eye. The downside to that is the colored part is so big that they don't make contacts to fit my eyes so my eyes are always getting red and irritated from contacts that don't fit right. 

I guess I like my lips- it's not a love thing but I guess they are all right. Sometimes they look really full and then other days they don't. I have no clue why... maybe my lips retain water. ha ha

My skin:
For the most part I like my skin. Sometimes it gives me trouble but for the most part I am happy with it.

So, what are you're imperfections (or things that bug you) and what are the things you love! I'd LOVEEE to hear!!

PS-if you do this tag... let me know. I'd like to see it {on YT) or read it {on your blog}.


Monday, November 15, 2010

New Blog!

Hey, chica bonitas! I started a new blog... because one can never have enough blogs. Don't worry I will continue to update this blog though I have been slacking like nobodies biz-nas. 

{Please check out} Bella Decor if you are into home decor, crafts, simple projects and just beautiful inspiration pictures of homes that I adore!

Ciao, beautiful ones...