Monday, January 11, 2010

Share the love- Blog Edition

I love finding new beauty bloggers. I think each new person brings something new and amazing to the table. Each girl has a different look, different ideas and of course great thoughts on beauty. The girls named below are bloggers I've found in the past month or two. If you aren't named that doesn't mean I don't think you are just amazing and beautiful.... I've been following a lot of you for almost a year and think you all are AMAZING.

Here are the girls I think you should check out that I have recently discovered. Cheryl is so beautiful it's unfair. She has the most perfect skin and her make up is always amazing. She does really awesome reviews and her swatches are so helpful. I think all of you should check her out. Chloe is so stunning! Her looks and fashion sence are to die for. She does great reviews and the swatches she takes are just as good. She not only does amazing make up but she is SO talented at "airbrushing" pictures. You really should look at the before and after pictures she has worked on... your jaw will drop. Great work and a great blog!! Hands down the best blog I've found for swatches. This girl has tried it all!! I think she mostly reviews lip products which is awesome because that's my addiction. Pretty much any color you are wondering about she has reviewed and taken pictures of on her lips. That's so helpful to me because I love knowing what the color looks like on actual lips! I swear to you... anytime I do a google image search looking for something this wonderful blogger always comes up! She does awesome reviews and talk about amazing swatches and helpful advice on the products. She is so beautiful and her make up is always flawless. I think every single blush color she wears is too die for.... but I think everything must just looks like perfection on her!!

I hope that you check out all these great girls I've come across in the past few months.... I know you will love them as much as I do. I think all the girls I am following are worthly of praise, too! They are are amazing and I love each of their blogs and ideas!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

MAC Cream Cup & MAC Dazzleglass Rags to Riches

I was watching a video by filthygorgeousmakeup (who is beyond stunning by the way) and became  obsessed with the color she was wearing on her lips. ( Link to the video with the glosses ) I of course ran out and got both of the products she used in that video which were the MAC Cream Cup lipstick and MAC Dazzleglass in Rags to Riches. I do have to say they looked way better on her but over all I am pretty pleased with them. I think they look great worn alone and also great a beautiful combo when worn together.

MAC Cream Cup lipstick

I really am loving the Cream Cup lipstick. It's such a beautiful, light, feminine pink. It's a very light "barbie" pink color with blue undertones.It's more cool toned and I usually like warm tones but it's so pretty that I'm willing over look that minor detail.  It's very wearable and so creamy in texture. I've heard people compare this to MAC Angel but with a tiny bit of shimmer. Perfect.

MAC Dazzleglass in Rags to Riches

This was my first time trying a Dazzleglass... I always stayed away from them because everyone said that they are so sticky...which they are but they aren't as sticky as I predicted. I've felt worse. I honestly really like this gloss. Worn alone it's quite sheer with a hint of pinkish lilac and a whole lot of silver, gold and purple tiny sparkles. I personally don't think it's too over board in the sparkle dept but it may not be everyones cup of tea. The texture is nice, smooth but yes sticky. I think this color looks amazing paired with a lipstick and specifically the MAC Cream Cup lipstick.

MAC Dazzleglass paired with MAC Cream Cup

MAC Cream Cup and MAC Dazzleglass Rags to Riches with flash

Without flash

So, over all I am so pleased with this combo however I don't think this is really a winter combo... I think it will look better in the summer and preferably with tan. I think I can pull this color combo off but barely.... it cames close to washing me out and making me look like an old lady who wore the baby pink lipstick but I haven't crossed that line yet and I think I can pull it off.... at least I think I can. Doesn't matter... I like it.... and that's all that matters. If the shoe fits wear it....