Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Taaz is SO fun!

Ever wondered what you'd look like with a different hair color or style? I know I have but I'm not very brave in the hair dept. I found Taaz.com about two years ago but forgot about it until tonight when I was looking through my "favorites" list. You can do your make up, change your eye color {I tried to make mine brown but it didn't darken them too much}, plump your lips {say hello to my new huge bottom lip... weird} and try on celebrity hair styles. 

I just thought I'd pass on the fun! :)

Here are some of my hair styles. Ha ha

Jessica Biel's hair

Megan Fox Hair

The "Posh Bob" VB

Well, I'd have to say... I better stay dark! :)

This site is so fun... have you been there before??


Geeky Mac Boy said...

I actually stumbled up Taaz last night through someone else's blog and was surprised how good it looked. Made a blog about it earlier today!

Shopperita said...

Used to play with Taaz all day! It's fun and interesting. :)

Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up said...

You lucky thing. You look gorgeous in any colour but I agree with you...I think darker hair suits you more.
I'll have a go at it!!

Trendydolap said...

well, my favorite is first photo & darks too.
actually all styles are good on you.

as personally I'd like you to post new year make up styles.

btw I'll look thru taaz asap!!

Lily Blue said...

yay for the posh bob !!!!!

thanks for sharing, i feel i'm going to have fun too :D !!

xx !

ps : you are SO pretty !!!!!

Lilly said...

Never heard of Taaz, thanks for sharing. I'm definitely going to check it out now, looks like a ton of fun :)

MAChick3 said...

with the dark wavy hair you look like Angelina Jolie!!!! :) :)

Orla xx said...

I think dark really suits you! xx

4everspink said...

Sounds like fun the dark one near the end looked so good on you!

The Vanity Glam said...

Hey love the looks! You could pull off blonde if you wanted to! Glad to have a fellow makeup obsessor! Check out my blog too!


kirstyb said...

iv heard about this site i must give it a go xxx

Vintage Lady said...

Love most of them on you! I will try this website! Looks very natural as if you were in fact wearing these haircuts! A must try!

Agnes Aileen said...

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