Saturday, December 11, 2010

A few fashion goodies I have been lusting for!

Ah, winter is here and the cold has come! I say that with the least bit of excitement by the way. I am not a fan of the cold at all and don't do good in it. However, I do love winter clothes. I am completely obsessed with black jackets {especially pea-coats}. I found this one a few weeks ago on! I ordered it for $61.00 and a day later it went on sale for $49.50.... I asked just out of curiosity if they honor sales and they credited my account the difference. Many points in my book for
{It's sold out right now after the sale but maybe they will get the coat back later}

Finally... she's mine! :) I haven't used it yet but it's a beautiful bag.{ MK Large ines hobo in black. }
Today I went to the mall with full intentions of getting the Tory Burch ballet flats but they weren't THAT comfortable and I was afraid I was ruin them too fast so I settled on these Burberry rain boots that I have been wanted for about a year! I am so excited I own these now. I can get my boots wet, dirty, muddy... I can jump in the puddles with the boys and I won't worry about my shoes getting ruined. 

So. that's pretty much all I've really wanted for a while and now I don't even want anything for Christmas { well, besides a new chair for doing my make up in but really... I don't want anything for Christmas.. shocker... I know, right?}

What are some goodies you want for whatever holiday you will be celebrating this season? Funny thing is... the older I get the less and less I want for the holidays... I get more joy out of seeing my sons faces light up than really caring about what's there for me. Life changes, doesn't it?

I have a perfume collection post coming up soon! ;)


Edna said...

Cute jacket

I have the same exact Burberry rainboots! I actually look forward to rainy days :)

chela said...

when you get things off of do they fit right? have you ever ordered something off that site that made you mad cause it did not look like what you ordered? know what i mean?
also when are you coming back to youtube?

Sarah Bella said...

I ordered a small and it is a little big on me but sometimes that can happen anywhere. I like the coat a lot but I WILL admit I was a little disappointed because it wasn't as cute as it was in the picture... so I don't love it AS much as I thought I would but I'm still really happy with it {I might get it taken it a little but then it will be perfect}.

mercecordero said...

Love the boots. Too bad we don't use stuff like that in Puerto Rico... Looking forward to the perfume collection. Thanks to you I am practically obsessed with Viva La Juicy! So your suggestions are always welcome. Keep your posts up!

Orla xx said...

Those boots are adorable:) xx

Kate Gene said...

I have been wanting Tory Burch flats forever. However, lately all I've seen are bad reviews! It's a shame; they're so cute! is one of my favorite sites. We got a really nice leather ottoman from there for $100.00! Too bad I ruined it! I didn't notice that I had spilled nail polish on it until it had dried. My hubby tried to take it off with non-acetone remover, and it turned the brown leather white. I use a tray to hide it. LOL!

jamielovesmakeup said...

Love the boots! Can't wait to see the perfume collection, I always love getting new perfume ideas. Do you think you could update us on your skin care favorites? I know you previously loved Cellnique, some different products from the Source Skin Care, and Swedish Skin, but which is your favorite? I am a young mother as well, and I want to start using some anti-aging products to preserve what I have (already eye wrinkles, ahh!) but don't have a fortune to spend trying a whole bunch of different things. I don't mind spending a little more on things I know work but I just hate trying out a bunch of different things. Right now I'm using the African black soap and Clarisonic you recommended! :)

Glad to see you are back!

skaff038 said...

I was on StyleMePretty, the wedding blog, just looking around and I saw a winter photoshoot that you did! I thought that was cute :)
Missing you on Youtube!