Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anyone wanna swap for my LV?

I'm trying to get rid of my Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Sonatine handbag... I've had it listed twice on ebay but honestly e-bay is flooded with LV's so mine never sold. Don't get me wrong... I love this bag. I lusted after it. It's just not practical for me with two toddlers. It doesn't fit all the toys, snacks, band-aids, make up. I've used it at most 4 times {if that}... it's not really a "going to the grocery store" kinda bag and just sits in my closet.
It is 100% authentic and the leather handles are starting to oxidize it's that nice brown color { a true sigh of an authentic bag}.

So, what I'd like to swap for is a gift card to Nordstrom so I can get this : Michael Kors "Ines Large Hobo Bag"   {the one in cute} This bag is more "momma size". :) So, hopefully someone will take this LV off my hands before I sell it to the gypsys!

So, let me know if you are interested either comment below or e-mail me at



Erin said...

how much? :) P.s: LOVE your design blog!

Sarah Bella said...

I wanna swap for the MK bag which is $368... I think my hubby paid new high $600's or low $700's but I'm not sure of the exact price.

resham said...


I saw the same MK bag at my Local TJ Maxx HERE IN pHILI for $149 (Black). The brown one was marked down to $129. Please check your local TJ n Marshalls once before buying from Nordies..

Liz Marie said...

Why have I not been following your blog yet????? Omg. Your blog is amazing.. I am so glad I found it.. Hope you are doing good pretty girl!! xx Liz Marie

Latina Utube said...

i would love to buy it from you. have you sold it?

Sarah Bella said...

No, I haven't sold or swapped it yet. ;)

Latina Utube said...

Unfortunately, I don't own the one your looking for. But I'm willing to buy it from you! Just name the price.

Sarah Bella said...

Latina Utube-
I wrote you a comment on your blog about contacting me... write me at so we can chat about the bag, etc

Latina Utube said...

sorry I don't even know how to use this thing... I barely figured out how to leave a comment lol... by the way, I sent you a email way before i wrote my first comment on here ;) it's under the email account
But I'll shoot you another one.