Friday, October 15, 2010

Why I stopped youtubbing and blogging.

I was texting a fellow friend/makeup guru today and she had asked me why I stopped doing youtube videos. Talking to her about it today made me feel ready about talking to all of you about it, too. Over a month ago I posted a skincare video in which I was given compensation for. I got an e-mail from this company asking if I'd like to try out their products and they would be paying me to make the video- there was nothing in the e-mail saying I must give a "good" review. Before I had gotten the products in the mail my husband asked me "but, what if you don't like the products... what are you going to do?" I said to him "If I don't like them, if they break me out, if they don't work then I will send them back. I won't give a false review. I can't. I've been honest all along and I'm not going to lie." It so happened that I really did like the products. I was happy for that. The fun part about being apart of youtube is I do get to try out many, many, many different things. So, if I try out a skincare line one month and then another 2 months later that didn't mean I didn't like the other products. I love trying things and then telling women whats out there and what they do so you can make up your mind, do more research and see if this is something that would be something you'd like. I'm not trying to sell anyone anything. The cool thing about getting free products is I do get the chance to try things I wouldn't have thought I'd like or even get the chance otherwise. We get to try them out and give you the facts. I'd say most of us don't have millions of dollars to try out every products on the market for you so getting things sent to us is a cool way to be able to show you different things out there... it's not a pushing products thing... at least it's not for me. 

So, what happened and pushed me over the edge. It had been weeks and weeks after I had received the skincare products. I was unable to put up the video because my computer was broken and in the shop. I filmed the video about 8 times because I kept messing up on trying to say "PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica". At that point I was getting stressed out and just wanted to get this video out. So, I quickly put it up saying without thinking in my disclaimer "I was sent these products for free". Done. Closed my computer... video up. I was called out about being paid and lying about it and giving a "fake review". As soon as I noticed my fatal mistake I changed the disclaimer. It had nothing about "being called out". It was a honest mistake without thinking. If I was lying... do you think I would have been so quick to honestly change it? No, I would have went along with "my lie". People who are lying aren't going to give in that easy... they are going to play it out and go along with their lie. When I put up my disclaimer I wasn't thinking too much into it. I wasn't thinking "how can I fool these people". It was not my intent for people to feel deceived or lied to. I'm wholeheartedly sorry if you felt that I was. 

A lot of people called me a hypocrite because I was very vocal about paid videos in the past. I still hold true to the paid videos I am against and I still have those feelings. The paid videos I am not for are the ones that really have nothing to do with beauty (ie: toothpaste, deodorant, tongue scrappers). Those are the ones that I was talking about on twitter and would be so annoyed. I don't want to watch a video (paid no less) on deodorant.. and either do you. Those are pointless and greedy videos. This was my first and only video I was paid to do. If someone came to you and said "Hey, we will send you all the beauty products from our line and pay you for you time.".... would you just say "uh yea.. no thanks". Most of you wouldn't. I let their e-mail sit for a least 5 days before I said yes. At first I was not interested... even if money was involved. I started reading about their products and watched a few reviews and the products sounded interesting. So, I said yes... I would try them. 

I have never given a false review. Ever. Some videos may come across that way because sometimes I do get overly positive (and I've been overly negative at times) about products... when I like something I get excited and think it's the greatest thing on the earth and I want everyone to know about it. I'm the same way with people in my personal life... practicably putting it on their face without them expecting it because I so want them to love it to and get it excited about it like I am... I want them to see the gem I've found... just like I do for your girls. Not that I expect you to buy it... I just want you to listen to how great I think it is because I want other people to be excited with me and find something that might change their life or make them feel beautiful. 

So, back to why I quit... I'm sure writing a novel here. The hate I got from making one little mistake was sick. I was called every name in the book. I was told to die. I had people twittering about me saying to flag my video for child abuse and thumbs it down. Make her pay, kill her, make her die, she's will be done, she's a c*unt, she's a ugly dumb bi*ch. That's just evil. I think I am a nice person  who really wouldn't wanna hurt anyone or make anyone sad or upset. So, knowing I really hurt peoples feelings really does make me sad but I have feelings too and I do have a heart too. The things said about me, my morals, my family, my face/body and life was crossing the line and was not something I needed in my life and mind. 

I started making videos to talk about beauty.. a place where you'd think women would uplift each other and help each other but it has turned into a ugly, ugly place. A place where I don't think I wanna be anymore. 
I still plan on making a video about this because not everyone reads my blog... but will start blogging again... in time. 

I'm very sorry if I disappointed anyone but it was really not my intent and it was not my intent for anyone to feel lied was a dumb mindless mistake and I was smashed into the ground for it.

Much love,


Justine @ Productrater said...

I don't understand what mistake you made, you didn't even really have to say that you were sent the products. Personally, if I did youtube videos 9(which I don't) and if I got products to try out and didn't like them, I would just give a review saying that I didn't like the products, here is why, bad publicity is still good publicity.

I am sorry that people were rude and mean to you, for some reason people think they can be judgmental and nasty across a computer screen and would never say these things to you in real life.

Shopperita said...

OMG! I can't believe this. How can anyone think so evil just for a little mistake?
It's so sad that we judge so easily and for nothing.
Please, don't give up because we all know that only stupid people cand hate you for that. You have lots of readers and youtubers that love what you do and think about them. We will miss you!

Laura said...

I'm so sad to hear all of this. The beauty blogging and vlogging community has gotten out of hand. I've been watching your videos and reading your blog for about a year now and I love how honest and down-to-earth you are. I hate that the people who have such negative attitudes have caused so many strong women to be this burdened. I hope that, with time, you are able to come back and that this community of women become more positive. Thanks for all the great videos and blogs you've posted throughout your time on here and youtube.

BELLE said...

Oh sweetie am so sad you had to go thru this. But you are nice you are beautiful dont let that stop you. You have those of us that follow you and we love you. Dont give up on what you like to do. I enjoy reading your blog and watching your youtube vids. dont ever talk starting with you think you are like so and so. Start by saying I AM... Believe in you babe. XOXO

Louzee said...

You are not evil. You did not do anything wrong. Some people in this world are too sensitive about these types of matters. Don't let these nasty comments get to you. You are a cherished member of the beauty blogging/YouTube world and it would be a shame to lose you. I hope you get back to us with plenty more reviews.

Lauren said...

I was honestly alittle dissapointed in you sarah, after being a huge fan of your videos for so long. I dont remeber people calling you a cunt or wanting you to die. I think people were just upset that you had accepted payment after the stuff you had previously said.

I think you need to remember why you started making videos in the first place, a place to share honest reviews about products to other women. When payment is involed it can't be a review anymore, it's just a business transaction. Even you were being 100% honest in the review, you must understand that it isn't a normal review.

I hope you come back and make videos again, but this is my honest opinion. You probably wont approve this comment but I think this is how alot of loyal fans of yours feel.

3ate4 said...

I don't understand why people get so bothered about others having to state if they were sent the items or not. It's a review about the product, how well it works etc & if someone's giving their honest opinion about the actual product then does it really matter if they have payed for it or not? When I want to read a review about a product, I don't care how someone has gotten it but want to know what they thought when using it. I think it would be easy to tell if someone was taking everything for free or being payed for things & claiming every product was great all the time but it's quite clear you're an honest enough person having given products bad reviews in the past. If people are complaining about how you got a product, then they can't have cared much about it to begin with so I wouldn't even listen to them. I think your videos are great so I hope you make some again soon!

Samelevennn said...

There seems to be a trend of good gurus leaving the beauty community lately. Who do I lay the blame on? "Elle" and "Blair" Fowler. Those nasty, greedy, fake little children. I'm so sick of them. They're RUINING the beauty community for everyone. THEY are the ones that created the skepticism that is getting to all the other gurus. If anyone should quit YouTube and blogging, it's them. I'm sorry you were defeated by the nasty people on YouTube. I wish you could have stayed to prove them wrong.

Scarlett said...

I am glad to see you back in some form. I have always really enjoyed your blog and videos and chatting on Twitter.

Abusive language and threats are not acceptable behavior anywhere/anytime. But most of those are just 12 yos hiding behind a computer screen.

IMHO, I just won't watch videos that are sponsored/paid. Blair and Elle have ruined it for everyone.

I agree with Lauren that a paid "review" cannot be a real review--not just from you, but from anyone. The FTC has just evened the playing field by making is all out in the open.

Hope we see you again on YT!

Gigi said...

I don't blame you!! Lately I have come across alot of Hate towards fashion and beauty vloggers, and I just think to myself, my gosh, if only these people knew what they are getting into and how there are just so many mean haters out there bashing them for the smallest things on websites, blogs, forums and whatnot.
People like that are really taking all the fun from Youtuber and I wouldn't be surprised if slowly more and more youtubers quit. :s
Like the first commenter said, they think they can just hide behind their screens and say what they feel like saying.
Sorry you had to go thru all that.
You started doing this all for fun and really, don't have to answer to anyone but yourself as long as you're being honest and have no bad intentions.

Nikki said...

I cant believe this! Some people have so much hate in them, and all for making a human mistake. I really love all of your videos and I have tried so many products after reading your reviews!
I really hope you start blogging at least soon... I love your reviews and general ramblings :) xx

Chrissy said...

I am so sorry to read what people called you and what made/makes you feel so bad.
I am not a subscriber of your YT channel, but I have bookmarked it and watch your videos every now and then. I really like your videos and I think you are a sweet and honest person. I honestly can't understand why someone would get so upset about this little mistake. We're all human and mistakes happen. I mean you don't force anyone to buy these products and everyone should feel free to do their own research on products and decide for themselves whether to buy them or not.
I would miss your videos if you really stopped making them. In fact I just checked half an hour ago if there was a new video up and I wondered what might have happened (I never read the comments on YT).
Well, I can only tell you that these people are probably not worth even wasting a second thought and I really hope you will continue to blog and make your videos.


Anna Saccone said...

Ohmigod!! How did I not know any of this was going on?? Am I completely blind to everything, lol?! Uggh...this is all such rubbish, Sarah. You did not do anything wrong, trust me. I watched that video and think I even left a comment. Did I buy the products? No. Did I question whether you were paid or not? No. Because I don't care...people need to use their brains. Getting stuff for free is a form of payment as well so I can't really understand what people get so crazy about when $$$ is mentioned because it doesn't mean all that much. I subscribe to people whom I like and trust. I don't care if you're getting paid or not, if I like and trust you then I know that you're going to give your honest opinion so...what's the problem?

I have so much more to say but I'd probably get in trouble or draw hatred onto myself if I did...however I'll say this much: if you let all that anonymous hatred get to you, you're letting them win, so just ignore it, take a deep breath and forget it. Because it's not real. Internet haters/cyber bullies are NOT real. Because in real life, nobody would say such stuff to it's all fake. What really matters is your family, your REAL friends who love you and the people in your life who you care about and who care about you. So long as you have that, you'll always come out on top.

If I were you, I would keep going, keep making videos and blogging for the reasons why you started it. Just totally ignore the hate, that comes with being popular and it's unavoidable. Just don't let it get to you and keep doing what you do best!

I personally missed you, and know I'm not the only one who genuinely likes you and respects you. <3 ((hugs))


leetal said...

hey sarah, i'm so sorry you had to deal with this. i know you didn't lie and you're not lying now. people are so mean. we live in a cruel world with really mean people... what they did to you is bullying. it's not ok! i wish people understood the consequences of bullying. it really does hurt and some die because of it. i want you to know that i've always loved and supported your videos and that you are really wonderful and one of those rare people that are actually really good people. you are inspiring! i hope you still believe in yourself and know who you are. please don't let them get to you. you have a wonderful family and friends and lots of fans that know the truth! some people are just so immature here. i wanted to thank you for your sweet, helpful reviews, and good luck! you're beautiful and i hope we'll see more of you soon. but i'll totally understand if we don't.


Kat O said...

The YT Beauty Community used to be such a nice place, but over the past year the haters have really tapped into it, it's so sad :( For every nice comment you see below a video there's one of criticism. I don't know if you watched her but Michele1218 recently quit YT too and this was one of the reasons she did so. Why people get so het up about minor things beats me. Please at least go back to blogging! x

Kerry said...

People are saying elle and blair ruined the beauty community by lieing and getting paid for "reviews" and passing them off as real reviews. But isn't this what you did aswell? I understand that you forgot to put the disclaimer in but getting paid for promoting products is not a review and cannot in any way be an honest review. Why would a company pay you money for you to give them a negative review? They wouldn't.

Cherryblossom said...

I am sorry you had to deal with all that. Seriously, I do not think that you did anything wrong! People just really like to bully successful bloggers and You Tubers. There is even a message board devoted to trashing bloggers/Youtubers! Here's the thing: Who would pass up compensation for trying a new product?????Seriously? I wouldn't! Us readers want to read about new products and such, and it does get expensive to buy it yourself! There is nothing wrong with that! As long as you are honest about the product! It is not greed. People are just jealous that they aren't getting compensated. Like yeah Who would say "Oh no thanks. I don't want your $ or product". HATERS!
Keep on blogging and doing vids! You have a lot of loyal followers, and you know what? The people complaining can just stop following you instead of being completely rude!They are just jealous!

sweet_diosa said...

The abuse you got is just ridiculous, you never did a thing wrong.
It's sad that you won't make any more videos, I loved seeing them and I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I'll miss them...but I'm glad you'll continue blogging. <3

Saminder said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saminder said...

Sarah, just come back and those who believe you will stick by you and those who don't will just leave and that is a good thing. You should put your videos on "approval" now. Just come back! I miss your videos and you are such a nice and lovely person! (: I hope all these people are convincing you to make a comeback quickly enough. And yes, a video about this should be seen by your subbies too. much <3 Sonia

Veronika said...

sarah- i understand why you feel the way you do. I've gotten horrible comments before as well on my blog and it's really sad that there are women out there who would do things like that.

I don't even think you made a mistake! who cares if you are being paid- you're still being honest.

I think it's kind of sad that people don't realize how much time bloggers and youtubers put into making videos and writing blogs. I spend hours and hours every single week to write content and in addition to that I work full time! How can people be mad if bloggers and youtubers make money? TIME IS MONEY. Do you go to work for free? No.

yes, blogging is a passion but it also takes time. Most bloggers work hard to build a following and it's unfair for people to think that they should never profit from it. Journalists make money...why shouldn't bloggers?


Saminder said...

oops, i meant put your comments on approval! haha

gems said...

Those people who threatened you are crazy. Normal people don't threaten others over a makeup video.

What those people did was wrong, but I want you to be strong and not let others have so much impact on how you feel. Don't give them that power.

I know you are a kind, sensitive, and quiet person, that you would rather say sorry any day and take the blame and apologize rather than stand up for yourself.

In truth, you have nothing to be sorry for. You don't EVER have to explain yourself to ANYONE.

There will always be people who want to find something wrong with you or what you do-because they are evil or suspicious or jealous or insecure. There will always be people trying to drag you down.

Don't let them. Don't let them win because when they do, it's a loss for all of us.

I'd like to suggest a book to you- it's called "The Highly Sensitive Person" by Elaine Aron. I am not saying you are oversensitive-I am saying you are more intuitive than others and so perhaps are more easily hurt than others are. This is a book that I read because I used to be a lot like you-getting hurt by what everyone would say. It got to the point that I literally got dizzy spells if I had to leave my house for extended periods of time. I stayed inside for two years and let my fiance take care of me.

Women like you on Youtube made me feel less lonely during that time and inspired me to go out and live my life and change my situation. I felt less alone. I found that book and was inspired to change my entire life situation because of you. I am pursuing my dream job of writing now and am gainfully employed as a freelance writer for a fashion magazine.

You inspire women. You do good with your videos. You may be helping someone out there. Please don't let others stop you from letting your light shine. I hope you change your mind, but whatever you decide to do, I support you 100%.

PoorCollegeStudent said...

People get way too worked up about paid videos. I don't like them, so I don't watch them. This is ridiculous. I really miss seeing your vids in my subscriptions box.

e manticoff said...

I knew it! I knew you haven't been around because of that skincare video. I started seeing alot of hateful comments on your channel and was horrified. You were one of the most sincere gurus on you tube. I like many I am sure have checked in everyday to see if you made a video. Why, because you could see the excitement on your face when you talked about a product you loved. You were passionate and down to earth. You are very easy to relate to and that's why you had so many fans. You Tube is like a big high school. You have your popular, your jocks, your girly girls, your geeks, obnoxious clowns and your haters. It's no suprise, it's easy to be mean and hateful when your hiding behind a computer. People look to find a flaw so they can lay in to you. It's there own issue hun not yours. It's friggin You Tube, get a grip people. You have your adorable precious boys and that's all that matters. Screw the haters, they have to live with there own emptiness and hate while you chill at home with your babies in peace. SO really hun, your the winner in this game. I miss the heck out of you though. Good luck and god bless.

Justine @ Productrater said...

michelle1218 quit youtube too? I did not know that.

About getting paid to do reviews, wouldn't a company want to know an honest opinion about their products anyway? so they know the type of feedback that they may get, and how to improve their products? what is wrong with giving a negative review when you get paid, or at least some criticism? why do people assume that if it's paid it's NOT honest? It can surely be. That's just my two cents about all of this.

crunchystars said...

oh my god, that is absolutely shocking, awful and inhumane, really! People who would use that kind of language mut be the lowest of the low. I feel embarrassed for them. There is never an excuse for using those words, no matter what the situation.

Even I really enjoyed watching your videos, I totally understand why you would stop making them. On the other hand, I also love reading your blog, so all is not lost!

Policosmetics82 said...

I have missed you blogging and making videos, Sarah!

You know what - I know that it hurts, I personnaly feel bad even if I see a "themb down" on my videos, but you know what - you cannot change that. You just have to remember who you are - that you're an honest and sweet person and to let go... Don't let haters win, because if you stop doing what you love or even if you start not loving what you do so much, that is letting them win!

You have shown me so many wonderful products that I have tired after you raved about them and I am so happy that you shared them with us! Isn't that the important thing - you do actually help many many women by doing your videos, Sarah, and that is what matters.

I don't care if you got comensated - I am even happy that you did some money, because let's be realistic here - we all need meoney to live well. I don't care about that and I know you and know that you'll NEVER give a misleading and dishonest review. And be sure that 99% of your subscribers know that.

On the other hand I am so sad that the fakest youtubers I've senn ever (allthatglitters and her sis) have more than 300 000 subscribers - these girls are the fake ones, they tell lies only because they're paid and you can feel that right away. And you know what - I am just not subbed to them, because isn't it pathetic to be subbed to someone you don't like only to give them thumbs down or attack? This is what your "fake subscribers" do - they are fake and just want to hurt someone. This is sad, but you have to get over it.

You know who you are and e love you so much. And I completely agree with anna (I saw her message on Facebook) - you are one lucky girl who has a beautiful family and life and this maybe disturbs some people. Just be careful who you trust - who you accept as friends on facebook and such, so that people you don;t know don't look at your real life and attack you where it most hurst - your honesty and family!

Lots of love and I am so gald you're back!


barb said...

I agree with you, Samelevennn!

Maisie Z said...

Dear Bella Sarah - I am very new to your blog and blogging in general. WOW! I am sorry for all of the pain and heartache you have endured. But then, the venomous threats on your person and those of your family? Beyond comprehension. I support whatever is your highest CHOICE for you and your family's well-being. I was attracted to your blog by your enthusiasm and honesty - please choose to hold true to yourself. This now solves the mystery of why there was not a response to my most important remarks/questions about the BEST nude lipstick ;-)!
I am hoping to "read" you again when/if you feel ready.
Hugs, Maisie

Farybell said...

Hi Sarah. I am really sad to hear that you will not make videos anymore like really sag becouse you are my favourite guru. I have been waiting for your videos for a month and started watching your old ones again cuz i missed you. Sounds crazy:P I think it is crazy that people react on it that much. I think i would do the exact same thing as you did if i were making videos. So just now that the people that really are your subscribers and really love your videos and think you are a reaaaaaaaly nice person would never say something like that i think. I never got the impression of it being "that way". Like gaaad people dont you have anything better to then to leave evil comments to people that really take time out of their life and makes videos for us? I hate them for making you quit youtube:( Dont take your videos down!!! Hope you change your mind someday:)

allie said...

I have been a loyal follower for a long time, and am excited to see that you are starting to reach out again. You do not deserve to be ridiculed or verbally abused; no one does. Take your time, and if blogging/youtube doesn't feel right, then we will understand.

Love, allison

antoniajmc said...

Sarah, I am so happy to hear from you. I was really worried about how what people were saying affected you. More and more in my life I feel that there are so much CRAZY people around, like agressive haters of anything out there, they don't try to understand things, they just judge, somehow the world is telling them that this is ok. I think that people were focusing their crazy hater feelings on you but it could have been anyone, because they just need to put that hate out there to live. People care less and less for respect and limits, they don't try to see the other's side. That is so sad.

I always watched your videos and I did not like that you did that one, but I never thought that you were trying to fool me! never! I just passed on that video because I was not interested and waited for the next one, so simple. As soon as I saw the thing with your disclaimer I knew it was a mistake, it was obvious. Just because you accepted trying their things did not mean you were a different person.
People also seem to think that youtube gurus are their leaders, like a person would not have the brain to watch your video and make a decision on their own, do more research etc.... that is sick, people actually don't want to think, they want leaders.
I think the fact that you did that video also shows us that you are humble and believe that people have brains to decide for their own, so you speek equeal to equal with us, that what I like about you.
don't be down!

Cait said...

People make mistakes, don't apologize.
... and people need to get over themselves and realize that youtube gurus ARE people.

That whole drama seemed to have gone way too far and I hope you're okay :o\ I've read your blog for a while now and only caught a few videos but you're great. And I'm sorry, but if anyone was offered money to try a product they would in NO way turn down that possibility... who would blame them for taking that chance. The fact that you said that you'd give an honest review regardless of the payment says a lot about your character. They're are def. people out there that bullshit about getting paid, you're honest.. that should say something! I hope all is well and that you can overcome this.

Guðrún Ingibjörg said...

Please don't let those evil people get to you. You have a steady group of people who adore you and love watching your videos and reading your blogs. You are gorgeous and just such a good person, and just watching a video of yours can save a whole day ;) So please, don't listen to those people. We, your true fans, are still here.

Rebecca said...

I hate that that happened. I see that it happens to almost every guru on Youtube. There are some really mentally ill, and just plain insane people on there. I watch videos, but I don't make them. I've alway been cautious on Youtube because just from some comments I've made on videos people have come back and lashed out. I won the necklace from your contest, and I even wondered if people would message me about it. Thank God they didn't. By the way, I'm still wearing it a lot. :) Anyway...hey are sad, sick, and pathetic. I was wondering what happened to you and with your videos. I just assumed you were busy with normal life like anyone. But even that makes these people react. They are so demanding... like you have to make videos to please them, and then you have to make them good enough. I know Youtube is not a job for guru's, and they don't make a five figure salary off of videos. Honestly Sarah I think some of the people doing this are not even women... they are boys and men. Like the Gurugossip site Lisa was talking about. When I checked it out it seemed to be like a lot of them were the same person, or not even women at all. The internet is so anonymous for these people, but not for the guru's because most are nice and genuine. I've actually been concerned for Lisa and her family because of the commments on that site. They say they have proof of her wrongdoing, but they never step up and make videos on the topic. It is the same thing as cyber bullys. I hope this gets resolved and goes away!

iamjess03 said...

People take this waaay too seriously. I can't believe anyone would say those things about someone. Pure ignorance. And what is more amazing is how it seems that some people are still judgmental and saying you must of read wrong, those things weren't actually said, pretty much calling you a liar again. I'm sure they went through all of your comments and knew they were right... unbelievable. And they have no idea what messages you might have gotten. Famous people get paid to say great things about products yet they are still adored by millions, but a non famous person does it and they hate them. They are hypocrites themselves.

farah said...

OMGGG!!! I am SSSSSOOO sad to see this blog..I started watching you'r videos when i was pregnant with my second baby n got addicted...i am the same age as you n watching you gave me have been an inspiration for me n you'r Such a beautiful woman! you seem very honest n even if you lied or made a mistake or whatever people have no right to curse you out,they r retarded if they take things so personally! I hope you still continue to make videos cuz you seem genuinly intrested in sharing your opinions n you'r vdos r very helpful...dont let haters get to you:)

TaylorCristen said...

Im so sorry you had to go thru this. I dont see that you did anything wrong, nor do I believe that Blair & Elle Fowler are misrepresenting products like others may think. As true beauty junkies we cant be paid to give good reviews. If we dislike something we will say so, b/c we dont want others to waste money on it and be dissatisfied. Dont let others bring you down when you have so many loyal followers! And remember...the reason why people stir up online drama is because their lives are boring. If they have a problem with your blog/videos then nobody is forcing them to watch. I hope you are able to look past this and get back to doing something you are great at!!

Cait said...

That is so disgusting that people would treat you so awfully for such a simple mistake. Clearly beauty etc is important to us all and that's why we're here in the first place, but it's not such a huge thing in the big scheme of life to justify treating people like that. And paid videos/honest opinions or not it is up to every individual what they take away from a video. You cannot push responsibility onto someone else all the time. We all see advertisements whether we realise they are trying to get us to buy something or not- it is up to us to decide what to buy/not buy- we can't claim to be innocent victims in this day and age when almost everything is an ad (think about the viral hoax ads - Witchery men etc). So whilst I don't think for a second that you were trying to fool anyone/push anyone into buying these products, people need to realise they have agency- they have control over their own actions and they need to take responsibility instead of attacking lovely people such as yourself. Don't let the haters get you down any longer, they are not worth it and they have so much to learn in this life. You're beautiful and honest and the only people that matter are those who can see you for who you really are- the people that don't want to see that are the people who aren't worth your time. xxx

BunnyDays said...

Hey Sarah, all I want to say is that I really love watching your videos, and reading your blog... you are one of the first bloggers/YouTubers I started watching regularly, and you've turned me onto many great products that I still love using, and I'm thankful for that.

But as much as I love watching/reading your thoughts, you have to do what is best for you. No one can make that decision for you. Some people in this world have lost their moral compass. Don't let them get you down. You know you. Your family knows you. Your close friends know you. The real you. Don't lose sight of that. And if you ever decide to come back, we'll all welcome you with open arms. :)

Me said...


People who write means things to you are Jealous of you.
So don't pay attention to them. Allright? I come back to your videos time and again, and really like them.
I love the fact that you are not afraid to show the videos even when you have no makeup on!, unlike the glittery-glamorous other girls.
So chill and carry your good work.


Ronja said...

i dont understand what kinda mistake , but why do you listen to haters ?? you dont own them explanation . ignore, delete, block.

Smile , sunshine, you are amazing and i hope youll get over this :)

ill be here, waiting for new post :*

anonymous said...

I just recently discovered your blog, shortly before you went on hiatus. I LOVE your blog and I immediately went back through all of your old posts and read them and I was so happy that someone uses their precious time to share their experiences for other women. I was wondering why you stopped posting and I checked every day to see if you had a new post up! I can't believe that you received such hateful comments on an innocent mistake. In fact it's not even a mistake, I don't think you owe anyone anything in the first place. There is obviously something wrong with those people if they waste so much time and energy being hurtful like that. They must be jealous because there is no other explanation. Please don't let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch! I love your blog and I hope you continue to do reviews and share your successes and failures with products that are out there. If people don't like what you do, they don't have to read it. But for those of us that do, please keep them coming!

Marie said...

I'm one of your subscribers as well and i have to admit it's really disturbing people have offended and insulted you in every way possible. But, honestly and 100% objective, you should have expected negative feedback-as previous comments mentioned, the YT (and not only) beauty community has gotten seriously out of hand. I used to enjoy watching videos about mascara, lipgloss, bronzer, application, how to do your hair, a manicure, etc, and i felt a part of it-the girls were just like me, in search of the perfect product. Until some people (those two annoying sisters, top of the list) started ehm being paid. I think this is disgusting. It's greedy, dishonest, menial-some people have actually become STARS with AGENTS (the Fowler sisters, really cracks me up) after their YT popularity increased. Say what?? I've got nothing against anyone's lifestyle and they should make whatever choices they prefer-not on my 'virtual expense' as a YT user/subscriber. It is because of these 'processes' that people have lost their faith in any honesty and fun beyond this type of videos-a sort of disenchantment.
I don't mean to be rude or butt in, so i'm just going to address this rhetorically- when there are so many free beauty communities, such as makeupalley or spektra, or so many websites, boards and forums, why did you accept payment for a video/review? it makes no sense, honestly. as one comment stated-it is a business transaction, you were paid in money and products, so every disclaimer of honesty and good faith simply cancels itself a priori. i LOVE your videos, i read your blog, and i surely do want you to come back. but please, if you enjoy what you're doing, and you feel absolutely happy with it, do it for free. i guess that's the best way-how it was in the beginning.
Keep up the good work!!! xoxo

Marie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unlimited Beauty Supplies said...

We love you Sarah! So don't even worry about it. Just take those comments and throw them in the trash where they belong.
Don't ever stop... :)

Irene said...

I am so happy you are back. Don´t listen to all peoples opinions, there will always be evil ones within the nice ones who love your videos and blog posts:)

Muhsine said...

So sorry to hear people were so inconsiderate and evil about that skincare video, I hate how nasty some people can be, you haven't done anything wrong so don't feel bad, I love your videos and blog posts and I missed your updates!Ignore the haters. xXx

Dani76 said...

I think that's terrible people were so mean to you, if they didn't like the video, they didn't have to watch it.

You didn't do anything wrong. Some people are just ridiculous. I hope you don't stop doing your videos forever. Many of us really enjoyed your videos and found them very informative.

Don't let the jerks in the world get you down!! :)

chingyx33 said...

what doesnt kill you will only make you stronger, you are a strong beautiful woman, and you can get through this, if you truly have a passion for youtubing, then you should keep with it and not let any of the haters get you down. =) people can be evil, but you do have supporters out there !

Latina Utube said...

What about the ppl that truely believe in you and enjoy watching your videos???? What about us????

I don't like the fact that the "evil one's" WON this battle!!!!!!!


They're not worth it. Look at these celebrities.. imagine what they go through? Negative ppl are always going to be htere. Rather we like it or not!
It's our job, not to let those lil f*ckers GET TO US!!!

"Thanks for making me stronger, bit*h ass, evil ppl"


Sarah, you need to come back, Seriously! They can't win, don't let them win!!!!! This is exactly what they wanted. Don't give'em that.

Latina Utube said...

What about the ppl that truely believe in you and enjoy watching your videos???? What about us????

I don't like the fact that the "evil one's" WON this battle!!!!!!!


They're not worth it. Look at these celebrities.. imagine what they go through? Negative ppl are always going to be htere. Rather we like it or not!
It's our job, not to let those lil f*ckers GET TO US!!!

"Thanks for making me stronger, bit*h ass, evil ppl"


Sarah, you need to come back, Seriously! They can't win, don't let them win!!!!! This is exactly what they wanted. Don't give'em that.

Latina Utube said...

What about the ppl that truely believe in you and enjoy watching your videos???? What about us????

I don't like the fact that the "evil one's" WON this battle!!!!!!!


They're not worth it. Look at these celebrities.. imagine what they go through? Negative ppl are always going to be htere. Rather we like it or not!
It's our job, not to let those lil f*ckers GET TO US!!!

"Thanks for making me stronger, bit*h ass, evil ppl"


Sarah, you need to come back, Seriously! They can't win, don't let them win!!!!! This is exactly what they wanted. Don't give'em that.

alylynn said...

I think you and the rest of the gurus are brave for putting yourselves out there and making these videos, knowing the amount of haters that are sitting behind a computer screen typing nasty stuff. These are cowards! I would feel the same way as you do with all the negative comments. Remember that you corrected your mistake. It takes a good hearted person to admit a mistake in front of thousands of viewers. I personally think your mistake wasn’t a big deal and people have to realize at the end of the day if someone really wants to know how a product is they have to go and get it themselves to see if it actually works on their skin/hair type, whatever. What works for you doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for me and that’s what people fail to understand. Anyway, I say keep doing your videos and try not to take it personally when you read a negative comment because they wouldn’t say those comments to your face. I am pretty sure that 99.9% of those cowards have low self esteem and their lives aren’t that great and what goes around comes around.
You seem very sweet. We are the same age and I also have two small children (a boy and a girl)its one of the reasons I like watching your videos. You will be missed. Take care!

amyjespersen said...

I enjoy your videos and blog posts. I have even e-mailed you a couple of times about various products and your ring (ha-ha). I would really hate to see you give other people power over you. I think the comments come with the "status" of being a popular guru. I'm not going to lie, I don't love the idea of paid videos because it becomes fuzzy (i.e. tongue scrapers), but I also don't think you would lie to us.

Good luck. I, we, hope you will still share....even if it is just vlogs like when you started. :)

Cindy Ellison said...

Sarah, don't give up! There are such mean spirited people out there and always remember ... a lot of it is based on JEALOUSY and insecurity on their part.

We just have to continue on and try not to give them much thought.

You have a fantastic blog with so many followers!

Jennifer | Sweet Simplicity said...

Hi Sarah, I'm sorry you had this experience. That is just horrible and frightening that people would be so hateful and even bring your sweet babies into this. I love YouTube and there are many beauty guru's I watch. All seem to complain about the haters and some scary experiences. I'm a blogger myself and know it can be difficult to find a good outlet for creativity. Everyone knows it was an honest mistake and really no big deal AT ALL. Your an awesome beauty guru and I have always appreciated your channel. Hope you get to feeling better soon. :)

Sarrika said...

You likely won't post this comment and that's fine. The issue wasn't that you were sent free products OR even that you were compensated. The issue and the reason why people have called you a sell-out is because you were compensated YET DID NOT STATE that in your disclaimer.

Not matter how you cut it, that is dishonest and shady.

mbennett said...

I am sooo sorry to hear that! There may be alot of mean people out there, but there are also the people who LOVE watching your videos and blogs!!! I hope in time you start up again! in the mean time I will miss your videos and postings very much!!! I did look at your videos and postings as very inspiring and uplifting and got so many tips!!!

Jasmine said...

I think people are always, ALWAYS going to criticize no matter what. It's almost like people LOOK for negative. Not to mention, a few may even be jealous that you are offered such awesome opportunities. I know I am :) I think you're wonderful, so just focus on the positive and those who thoroughly enjoy your beauty channel/blog.

Rachel said...

screw the haters! you have more fans out there than the haters who have nothing better to do than nitpick at others to make themselves feel better about their own insecurities. I hope you start making videos again soon!

Christine said...

Omg! I had no idea you were going through this situation. I just assumed you were taking a break from YT.

Sarah, you did nothing wrong. Haters will pick apart anyone for anything. It IS sad that the beauty community has changed. It should be a positive fun place where we are upbuilding to one another. Unfortunately haters want to ruin it for the rest of us. They will do/say anything they can to make you feel as crappy as they feel. Don't buy into it, it's just a game for them!

Tell yourself this:

I refuse to allow some A-Hole to affect me negatively. If they choose to be a bitter withered old hag that's their deal. I choose to be my usual happy sweet self... I can't change them and they can't change me ;)

Love you Sarah! We miss seeing your beautiful face! xoxo, Christine

Hope S. said...

Bless your heart, that is so rude of people to say those things to you. Where has the benefit of a doubt gone? I don't understand why some people seem to be waiting to pounce on others for honest mistakes. I love your blog. I've found the awesomeness that is Cover Girl "Shimmering Sands" and that LipLite Cappuccino lip gloss. I have dark brown hair and natural turquoise eyes. Thanks to you, my search for the perfect color scheme is over. I'll continue to read your blog and I hope you continue to add to it for many years to come!!

mo said...

WOW, I am so sorry to hear this! I am glad that you still have your blog. I actually went on YouTube just now to see who posted new videos and thought about if you had any new ones. Im sad you aren't doing videos anymore but am happy you still have your blog. I love your reviews, honesty and tutorials. Keep doing what you love, one way or another!

mishi x said...

dear sarah,
i'm so sorry to hear this. i've been watching your videos since early this year and even though you may not be one of the most famous "youtube gurus" out there, you're definitely one of my favorites, because i can feel you. your recommendations and favorites are always relatable, and you are very sweet, sincere, simply fun to watch. lately as a viewer i could totally see how youtube has changed because of paid product reviews. i'm sad that you have to go through all this, as you said, you do not need these negative feelings in your life at all. so no matter what you've decided, come back to yt or not, i will support your decisions. hopefully you could put this all behind, be brave, be happy, my best wishes to you and your family!
p.s. i will always come back to your blog :)


Jujubeoh said...

Sarah, I remember when this happened and couldn't believe the hate-filled sickos out there. Yours was the first beauty video I ever watched, and I've been hooked on the beauty community ever since. I checked this blog tonight to see if you were ever going to do videos again. I wouldn't blame you if you chose not to do them, but I really miss them. Would love to see them again if you decide that's the right thing for you.

Danielle said...

I am very sorry that this happened. There are really cruel people in this world and hey, thats just the way it is. You are so unbelieveable gorgeous! I hate to say it, but it is probably jealousy that make them be so negative and nasty. If that pic of you and the guy you are with for your dad's bday is you and your hubby!! Oh my goodness...what a gorgeous looking couple. You are beautiful enough as it is, and your husband! What a perfect pair!!! I really miss your videos on youtube, but you have to do what is best for you. Hopefully you will miss us too and come back and ignore all the rude people for the sake of the ones who love to connect with you!

Sparkly Pink Star said...

I am sorry for all the mean people out there, I hope you come back soon. You have nothing to be sorry for, you did nothing wrong, we still love you! Best wishes for everything and hope you and your family have a happy holiday!

Lorena White said...

Easy for me to say this...but, You know what the truth is. So that is that...what other people want to believe is out of your control, even though you have attempted to set things straight - certain individuals want to choose the worst. remember that word individuals. I bet there are more crowds who love watching your channel. I know when I have seen it, I've enjoyed your honesty. You can see it - your honesty I mean. don't sell yourself short for morons like these individuals. They probably have a miserable life with nothing better to do, than try & pick on iddy biddy normal stuff ups. Set a standard for your channel. Block them if they continue. Don't let comments be published without your approval. I think your wonderful, you have so much to give us all - as moms, wives & everything else in between. Lifes too short -" Go hard or go home" a New Zealand saying. Those negative individuals are a minority. We are the majority.xxxx Peace. Taupo - New Zealand.


We love you Sarah!!!
Please come back!
You are my idol... :(