Thursday, September 2, 2010

Luuux- the new era of blogging!

There is a new up and coming website called Luuux that's really actually a really cool concept! I just joined today so I'm still learning the in's and out's of it. Basically it's a website where YOU can post your thoughts on anything from beauty, fashion, entertainment, design, fitness and you get luuux bucks for every time you post something or someone comments... and the things you can buy with the luuux bucks... my oh my!
Christian Louboutin shoes, Micheal Kors watches, make up and all things LUUUX!:) 

So, if you've always wanted to start blogging but weren't so sure.... this is a great way to start! Share your thoughts on anything and earn points to go towards something really amazing without having to spend your money... you just share your love and passion on things and points add up... and I must add... this site is rather addicting!

To join and start earning points CLICK HERE and at the top JOIN- it's free! ;)



Scientific Housewife said...

What a great idea!

Jennifer@SweetSimplicity said...

Sarah thanks for posting this. I have been following your blog for so long now and just started my own. I'm following you now and have passed this info on. I love the concept of blog, earn points and shop!

Guðrún Ingibjörg said...

Wow! This sounds too good to be true :) I'll def check it out. It would be awsome if you could check my blog out? It is Feel free to subcribe :) It is all about beauty (as well as the occasional yummy recipe!)

Suzanne said...

I have joined as well!
I miss you on YouTube!! Hope after a lil' break you'll be back!