Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lilash Special!! :) $15 off!

As you know... I'm a HUGE fan of Lilash!! I'm on my 3rd tube of it and seriously think it's a must have product... for me at least. It really works and has made a huge difference in my lashes... it's not a perfect product  (it can cause red eyes the first week, darkening of the lids, etc) but it REALLY works. I think with most lash growing products you will use you  MAY experience that. I started to see results within 3 weeks.

Anyways, this post is NOT a review because I've already done that. I got a newsletter today with a $15 off coupon code that I wanted to share with you just in case you were thinking of getting it. 
Details:Take $15 Off Plus Free 2nd-Day Shipping Exclusively At LiLash!
Coupon: MDAY10
Offer Ends:05/09/10

Enjoy it if you get it and enjoy the $15 off!! :) :)

You can click this link it will take you to the site.



Sophia said...

I am so eager to try this stuff out!
Thanks for such an awesome post.
Please be sure to checkout my blog (:

Bella Secret said...

I heard the Kardashian uses this product!! I really love the results, now i'm really thinking of getting it!

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CinderellaGirl30 said...

Does this really work? Have read various reviews and am really tempted to give it a try, although it is quite expensive :)

Samantha said...

Again my question is off topic to your blog, but your picture of your eyes sprung this question. I didn't notice a video, so i appologize if you have done one... One issue I have is making colour shadows look good on my eyes. I also have blue eyes and I love the blue eyeshadow you had on in your photo... would you consider doing a video on how to use colour shadows?? Nudes are easy but I can't master colour. I believe you had a video with the Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad. I have the blue one but cant make it work, I end up looking like a hooker (lol). Any tips would be appriciated. Thanks

Karen said...

Have you tried Rapidlash ? I have tried both products and I got the same results.. the good part is that Rapidlash is only $39.00 a bottle ( you can get it on ebay ) From what I can see you appreciate a good bargain. Hope this helps !