Monday, May 17, 2010

How to fix your broken make up!

I watched in utter horror as my almost 3 year old whipped one of my favorite MAC MSF's off the counter shattering the top layer into pieces!!. I was sad at first but I knew there was a way to fix it. Thank God for Youtube and all the tutorials on fixing broken shadows, blushes, etc!

Only the top layer was broken so I poured it into a little plastic bowl and started the magical fixing process! :)

So here is what you'll need:
A small bowl, a clean pen or the end of a clean knife, rubbing alcohol (I used 70%), a clean towel or cloth.

This is the bottom layer left of MAC Shimpagne. I should have gotten a picture of it broken but I was so anxious to fix it that I dumped it in a bowl right away. 

With the end of a clean knife I broke the product up into very small pieces. 

I then poured the broken powder back into the pan

Next I took my rubbing alcohol....

I needed about 4-5 caps full to make sure all the power was wet.... you don't want to drench it but you want enough so it's made into a paste. 

I smoothed it out a little and left it to dry. It took about 2 good hours for it to be dry enough for me to move onto my next step. 

Once it was dry I took a cloth and started to even it out and press the powder. 

So,  there you have it... all fixed. It's not as beautiful as it once was with the gorgeous gold veining but it does the trick and when applied it looks the same. 

So, next time you break your favorite product... don't flip out (especially if it's limited edition like mine was)! You can save it! 

I'm sure most if not ALL of you already knew this trick but I thought I'd share it with you anyway so maybe you won't have to throw out any more broken products. :)


Jasmine said...

I actually didn't know this! Thanks for sharing. Now I can finally fix part of my Sable E/S :)

GiGi said...

I didn't know this either, Thanks! My grand entrance e/s broke.

xphoebelinax said...

i remember trying this with my ricepaper but then it just kept breaking :( i guess i have to go get a new one :(

Hollywood said...

I used that tip a while ago, and it worked GREAT! For the ladies who never tried this your tutorial is really good very, love it.

Ms Purple Make-up in black and white said...

This is a briliat tip. I knew it but not the bit where you break it even more. I guess it makes sense.
Naughty naughty boy! I guess you can't really get too crossed with him. I'm sure he didn't mean it.
Love your blog.

Steph said...

I would probably drag out a mortar and pestle. But I never knew about the isopropyl.

The veining only mixed it up on the brush instead of the pot so it should work about the same.

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

If only I had known this tip a long time ago! I could have saved so much make up. Instead I've just used it as an excuse to buy more.

Thank you for posting!

PrincessGhee said...

I broke one of my NYX eyeshadows and i sprayed it with PERFUME and rubbed it with my finger and wa-la it was back to normal. and hella quick.

Scientific Housewife said...

I had no idea, thanks for the tip!

HelloGorgeous said...

Hello love ...nice blog glad to be a follower :-)

Ashley said...

I like this! I didn't know you could use rubbing alcohol for that!

Jen said...

thanks for this tip, it is terribly frustrating when a product you love shatters, and I know my sister especially has this problem with her mac eyeshadows. This is definitely a staple I will keep in my home, I saw the rubbing alcohol at the dollar store the other day and wondered what would I ever need that for? and now I know :)

"L" said...

I didn't nowabout this trick,so that's nice!