Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Share the love - Youtube style

I haven't been keeping up with my blog as much as I'd like to!:( My computer cord died out on me and I've been using my moms laptop until my powder cord comes in the mail. I have the worst luck with computers (cell phones, cameras, etc)!

I want to do a quick Share The Love post to share some wonderful youtubers with you that I think are amazing women. All of them are sweet, kind, beautiful and fun to watch. Liz is such a sweetheart. She's the kind of girl you know that if you met her in person you'd hit it off and become friends. She has a very warm personality and is so nice to everyone. She is so stunning and beautiful! She does great reviews, hauls,  tutorials, fashion, hair and fitness videos. I like her fitness videos because she always does things that really work and are not your "normal" boring sit-ups. It's fun! Check her out! (AKA Yorkieluvs) when Martha posts a new video... I get excited. She has the most soothing voice and you hang on her every word because everything she talks about sounds interesting. She is so beautiful and has the most amazing skin I've ever seen. She had left youtube for a few months and everyone was having a fit... myself included. I was so sad that she left because I have found so many amazing products because of her... she's someone I really like to watch.
She does reviews, tutorials, hauls and fashion videos. talk about amazing hair! Elaine's hair is to die for. She has the perfect color and cut... jealous!;)  She has really great videos and she also is SO beautiful. She is a mother and I like watching women who are mothers on youtube because sometimes they are more in the same place as I am.  She does reviews, tutorials, tags, hauls... you name it. She's worth checking out! There is something about this girl that is so much fun to watch. I love her personality and energy. She truly gets excited about everything and I think that's adorable. She is so pretty it's unfair. She does tutorials, reviews, hauls, contests... she's very fun!

Last but not least I have to add someone that doesn't need me to share the love with them because well.... everyone already knows and loves her so much. She is the 2nd make up girl I ever watched on youtube and probably the first person I subscribed to and that is
I had googled Enormous Lash and up popped a video of her talking about it. To me the concept of real women reviewing a product I was researching and telling the good, the bad and the ugly was the best thing since sliced bread to me. I was so excited. Laura was the first person I subbed to and for sure the person I look up to the most. I treasure her honesty and kindness. She is so beautiful and I love her fashion sense. I also get excited when she posts a new videos because whatever she talks about is gold.
I'm glad that a year and a half ago I found her videos because she's really the reason I'm apart of youtube.... I didn't even know that there was a beauty community out there like this! :)

Who are your favorite youtube girls... I always love finding new girls to watch! I hope that you check out some of the girls I listed because all of them are amazing. :)


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Through the years...

I have gotten a few requests to post some pictures of when I was a teenager. I don't have many on my computer because those were the days before digital cameras were really popular. I decited to do a "through the years" post... from 16 to 26! Don't be too scared! I have some pretty horrible fashions going on but hey they were popular in that time... can't blame me for that, right?

Age 16... oh so sweet and innocent! :) This was the only 16 year old picture I could find on my computer and the earliest to date. You can't tell by the picture but my hair was SUPER long here.. the longest it's ever been... and I'm still trying to get it back to that length.

Age 17 I got the "Posh Bob" way before Posh :)

Age 18 1st runner up at a beauty pageant AKA first loser. :)

Age 19 (Ewww remember when those HORRID chokers were popular circa 2002) Sporting the bob hair again... this was a few months before I moved to Guatemala and I though shorter hair would be easier to handle. I was wrong.

Age 20 Wearing my super bright side sweater shrug thing... those were pretty cool at the time.

Age 21 Living the dream in Guatemala

Age 22 wishing I was that skinny again... 

Age 23

Age 24... my 1st son was maybe 5 months old at this time

25... and 2 weeks until my due date! 9 months preggers with 2nd baby!

26... two more months until I'm 27! NOOOOO!

So, that's me... 

My new obsession! Press on nails! Who knew!?

I have the hardest time keeping my nails looking nice.... they actually look quite horrible after two days of applying nail polish. As a mom I'm always using my hands and more times than not I don't have all the time in the world to keep redoing my nail polish. I was watching Gina's video last night (lovepeaceandlipgloss) and she was talking about Broadway Press on nails... they looked amazing on her. I've never been a fan of press on nails maybe because as I child they always looked cheap and I wasn't allowed to use glue on my fingers. Remember the little peel on clue... those suckers would pop off after 30 minutes! These aren't your momma's 80's style press on nails. Oh no. They look very nice and feel really natural. They aren't thick or super long. You can wear these up to 7 days and they are only $5.99... so that means it would be a little over $24 a month to maintain. $24 a month! You'd spend that (plus some) in ONE visit to the salon.
They were really easy to apply... 5 minutes tops! You just apply a little glue on the nail that fits your finger and a light layer on your actual nail... hold for 5 seconds and you are good to go!

NAILS BEFORE... nothing special.

Presto Chango!

There's still a little glue on the edges and on my thumb but once I take a hot shower I think all of it will wash off.  Oh and don't mind the self tanner on my wrist... it's wearing off... I know... not the best look! :)

I'm really excited that I found these because they are definitely going to make me feel a lot better about my nails.