Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thinking outside the box with Motives Cosmetics

I was very kindly sent these products to try from Motive Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger. These products most definitely have me thinking outside the box but they might be a little out of my comfort zone to actually leave the box.
The quality of these products are really nice and the pigmentation is really really amazing as you will see in pictures listed below. If you are one who likes really bright and different colors than you will probably really like the products from Motives and be really pleased. I'm more of a neutral type of girl so I can't say that I'd actually wear some these colors.

This color is "Maniac" a very deep purple

"Go Red" Very, very sultry red.

"Pink Sugar" Now, this is what I'm talking about SO pretty! This is my type of neutral! :) Love this color. Very wearable. 

Go Red, Maniac, Pink Sugar (love!)

 Maniac, Go Red, Pink Sugar

All of these lipsticks are $14, enriched with vitamins and minerals, and paraben free!

"I'm a Vamp" and "First Kiss"- Nail Candy

These nail polishes are really lovely. I actually really love the dark purple color the best... surprising coming from the "neutral girl". It's just a very sophisticated color... love it. The pink color is very nice... it's a very light pink with blue undertones. Very chic. They go on really smooth! $5.25

"Plumb Frost" and "Heiress"

I have to say these shadows are way more in my comfort zone. They are so pretty. These shadows are really creamy feeling. Does that makes sense? They are extremely smooth. I really like the "Plumb Frost". It doesn't really look plumb to me... it's more of a plumb mocha. It's a gorgeous crease color. The "Heiress" makes a really pretty lid color and highlight. 
These are $12

"Dancing Queen" and "Eclipse" blush

These colors look terrible on me... plain and simple. 
That's all I will say about that. 
I would really like to try their blushes in "Lust", "Flushed", "Naughty", "So Peachy" because those look so pretty to me and I think would work with my skin color. These did nothing for me other than make me look like a clown. I'm not saying the blush quality is bad but the colors do not work in my favor. I think I will look into buying one of the colors I listed above and seeing how those work for me because their online swatches look STUNNING. These are $13.50


MW said...

the lip colours are actually gorgeous on u !!
i love them
xo mw

skindeep said...

i love the Pink Sugar!

Hollywood said...

I love Maniac, not that I could wear it outside lol but for a photoshoot it can look FABULOUS.

Hope said...

All of these things look gorgeous! I really like the eyeshadows!

Andi said...

Pink Sugar is right up my alley too!!

DeAnna said...

i like the shadows for sure!!! and the pink blush!! very cool!

e manticoff said...

Hi Sarah, Thats funny i just did a post on Motives Costmetics. My cousin is part of a company called Market America and she's an Independant Sales Rep. She had come over my house and showed me all this makeup from Motives that was really good quality. There up and coming. That's so cool that they sent you stuff to review.

agnesstyle said...

really cool header=) check out my blog!

Marce said...

These are so pretty! The red lipstick is amazing, looks just gorgeous on you! XO