Friday, December 11, 2009

Brunette or Blonde?

What do you think? Do you perfer blonde or brunette. Some people just look better in a certain color and then there are those (who I envy) who can pull off both.
I, myself am more partial to having dark hair but there are times when I really crave Kim Kardashianesque carmel hair.

Cameron Diaz
I think brown hair suits her skintone better. The dark chocolate color really warms up her face and really softens up her look. She looks great with blonde hair but dark hair wins by a long mile.

Megan Fox
Hands down brunette. Dark hair makes Megan Fox look very classy and extremely exotic. The blondeish hair looks ok on her but it takes away some of the sophistication that the dark hair adds.

Kim Kardashian
It's almost a tie but I think blonde wins... in my eyes.  I love the beautiful carmel color they used on her hair. It's the perfect carmel blonde. I think the blonde color made her look a few years younger. Black hair is just as stunning but I think I prefer the blonde just a little bit better.

Jessica Alba
Um... can I say neither? If I had to pick one then I guess I'd have to pick blonde. I think the dark hair is a little too dark for her and the blonde is way too blonde. Somewhere in between the two is perfect for Miss Jess.

Eva Longoria
Eva looks simply stunning with her God give dark hair (plus a few man made highlights). Dark hair warms up her skincolor and makes her glow! The blonde hair washes her out too much.

Victoria Beckham
Darn you, Victoria. You look amazing in whatever color you put on your head! Blonde, brunette, carmel, black or purple.... this posh lady can pull anything off.


Sandra: said...

I am always having this debate :)
I think that girls with beautiful light coloured eyes (like yourself) look better with dark hair... MOST of the time, unless they are extremely fair or naturally blonde...
there's just something so dramatic and alluring about a dark hair/light eye combination!

Sarah Bella said...

Thanks, Sandra! :) I'd have to agree about the light eyes/dark hair combo but after living with dark hair for 26 years I sometimes feel like a change... however whenever I do go a little bit lighter it always washes me out and looks terrible... so dark it is! :)

Stefanie said...

haha I've switched between blonde and brunette a few times myself, isn't it the eternal beauty question?
Jessica Alba, Megan Fox and Eva Longoria should stick to deep, warm shades IMO the blonde looks really artificial on them. Cameron Diaz can wear any shade, she's gorgeous!

Hollywood said...

Just like you to me Kim Kardashian looked Fabulous in blond !!!!! it brings a je ne sais quoi that was amazing with her skin color....

3ate4 said...

I think you would look great blonde! :) i've been both many times but always go back to blonde since it's closest to my natural colour, keeping up with those roots is too much of a hassle when mine's dark! i'd love to be a natural brunette like yourself, though.

Eclectic Whimsy said...

I just wanted to pop in and say how much I love your blog. I think I stumbled on it through a quick search for how long I have to wait before showering after a mystic tan. Totally random huh. LOL Adding you to my google reader now. Oh, and definitely prefer brunette for me. I tried the blonde thing once but it was SO much work. Now I usually do sortof an auburn brunette and love it. Anywho, love the blog! :)

arcanefelicity said...

i love the brunette look on anyone =) i think it adds a sort of mystique about a person..
i read somewhere that there was a study done about job applicants and appearance..the results were: if all applicants had the same qualifications, the brunettes were more likely to get hired because they appeared "more serious" hahah
eh, just goes to show you can't stop people from being overly judgmental =/
love the blog!

Kate Gene said...

I actually like Kim's hair both ways! The tabloids gave her some grief for going blonde, but I thought it was very flattering for her skin tone!

I tried to go blonde when I was in high school. It was NOT cute. LOL! I have learned to finally embrace my natural hair color!

Bliss said...

I think being brunette would actually suit everyone.
I love it on Mandy Moore, to be exact. It looks perfect on her.

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xsx87x said...

I really think the lighter hair suited you.
Im constantly changing my hair as well but i go the extremes of white blonde to black and back again.
The reason your hair comes out so red is because of the pigmentation of the black dye.
The first thing you need to do is buy a pre lightener (basically powered bleach and peroxide 12%) You need to remove the red pigmentation otherwise you'll never get the carmel colour you want. Literally mix up loads and put it all over your head,dont bother with a brush or sections, act as if your washing your hair with it,spread it everywhere and quickly. Keep an eye on it, it will sting a little for the first few minutes but you'll just have to deal with it. This is what the hair dressers call a bleach bath. Its the only way to lighten your hair quickly. All hair responds at different times so it really is guess work, you'll see it lighten to a bright orange. Wash it out. condition and dry. Wait about an hour and then do it again. This time round your hair will go really blonde but remember you dont want it white either. just leave it long enough to lift the orange (normally 5mins should do it but again time diffs per person) After making sure all the bleach is out then rince your hair with milk. Yes it stinks, yes its strange but INSTANT relief! Again wait an hour or two (if you have the time wait the night) then apply your chosen shade. Dont get a colour thats two grey or orange. go for a yellow/gold. Again watch it and you decide timing. Then make sure you add highlights a shade lighter and lowlights a shade darker, that will give it depth. and there you have it. The first few days will look strange but only to you because your use to the dark but as soon as you have a tiny root it will look completely normal to you.REMEMBER DONT MIX HENA DYES WITH OTHER DYES! If you try it, make sure you put up pics! good luck! :)