Friday, December 11, 2009

Brunette or Blonde?

What do you think? Do you perfer blonde or brunette. Some people just look better in a certain color and then there are those (who I envy) who can pull off both.
I, myself am more partial to having dark hair but there are times when I really crave Kim Kardashianesque carmel hair.

Cameron Diaz
I think brown hair suits her skintone better. The dark chocolate color really warms up her face and really softens up her look. She looks great with blonde hair but dark hair wins by a long mile.

Megan Fox
Hands down brunette. Dark hair makes Megan Fox look very classy and extremely exotic. The blondeish hair looks ok on her but it takes away some of the sophistication that the dark hair adds.

Kim Kardashian
It's almost a tie but I think blonde wins... in my eyes.  I love the beautiful carmel color they used on her hair. It's the perfect carmel blonde. I think the blonde color made her look a few years younger. Black hair is just as stunning but I think I prefer the blonde just a little bit better.

Jessica Alba
Um... can I say neither? If I had to pick one then I guess I'd have to pick blonde. I think the dark hair is a little too dark for her and the blonde is way too blonde. Somewhere in between the two is perfect for Miss Jess.

Eva Longoria
Eva looks simply stunning with her God give dark hair (plus a few man made highlights). Dark hair warms up her skincolor and makes her glow! The blonde hair washes her out too much.

Victoria Beckham
Darn you, Victoria. You look amazing in whatever color you put on your head! Blonde, brunette, carmel, black or purple.... this posh lady can pull anything off.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I saw Natneagle post this on her twittter a few days ago and I thought this was such a fun idea! I love Q&A's. Not that I am anyone special and you may not have any questions for me butttt if you do... than you can go here and ask me anything (within reason). It can be the most random questions too... doesn't have to have anything to do with beauty either. You guys should all get one of these, too.... it's fun to get to know eachother.... and this community just feels like a huge group of girlfriends coming together. I love it.