Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weight Loss

Wow, so it's been a while since I've blogged. Bad me. This is a different type of post, though. It's all about my weight loss plan and goals. I do think fitness and beauty really do go hand in hand, though. When you feel fit and healthily you do in turn feel beautiful. So, this is what I've been doing.
I started working out a little over a month ago... it's very hard to get to the gym with two little ones but I've really made it a priority. I gained about 50lbs with my 2nd son... I thought the weight would fall off like it did with my first (lost all my weight in 3 months)... that was NOT the case this time around. :(
I had my baby Oct 31st 08 and seriously have not lost one single pound since the middle of November. Enough was enough and I had to get my flabby butt to the gym.
I started out at 128lbs and I'm down to 122lbs. My goal is to be under 110lbs. I seriously think I can do it but it will require work. This is what I'm doing so far:

3-5 days a week I try and get to the gym. I work on the elliptical for 20 minutes, treadmill for 10 minutes and stationary bike for 10 minutes. I then use the weight hula hoop for 3 mins, jump rope, lift 10/15 weights for my arms, lunges with a 12lb bar over my shoulders, and squats with a 3 lbs ball. I also have been doing 100"bicycle" type of crunchs with a 10lb weight behind my head. From what I've read the "bicycle" crunchs are the BEST to do for abs!

I'm loving weight training. I think it's essential for toning up...and it won't make you huge just nice and toned. I try and do 3 reps of 10 (so 30) on each machine.

I've really changed my eating habits as well. I'm trying to eat a lot more fruits, veggies and lots of protein. I've been drinking a yummy chocolate protein shake between meals.

When I was younger I thought not eating was the way to lose lbs but clearly that's not healthy or even the way to do it.

Eat right and work out.... and slowly the weight WILL come off. But, if you do it THIS way and not stave yourself than the weight will stay off and you'll get a nice toned ROCK HARD rockin body!

My current inspiration is a woman named Jennifer Nicole Lee. She lost 70 lbs after the birth of her 2nd son. If she can do can I.

How is your weight loss plan coming along?


Valerie Valentine said...

omg i've been reading about jennifer nicole lee. what an inspiration! i just got my elliptical machine in the mail yesterday, so i'll be gettin' in pre-baby shape too. i'm so sick of being out of shape! i have much further to go than you, but i'm determined to do it for my wedding next year! keep us posted on your progress :)

Rin said...

Your goal sounds very sensible- good luck hun!

I myself am aiming to lose 9lbs, hopefully by september 15 as a friend is visiting interstate. I've also got 2 kids so I don't have the luxury of wsorking out when I want to. I wish I could join a gym like you! I just feel so jiggly and I am hating my "pot belly" after baby!

Michélle said...

Yey! Good for you for doing this. NOTHING feels better than when you are comfortable in your own skin!

I figure getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight is also an investment for my relationship because I'm not a happy camper to be around when I feel like crap :p

I only have 10 Ibs to go and I'm at my target! :)

We can do it!

legseleven7 said...

oooo she looks great. good luck hunni, keep up the gym work.

WinterBlossom said...

Good luck. :)

Do you use the cross trainer? I think thats a really good machine - gives you a good work out. I always find that walking loads helps too. :) xxx

Amanda S. said...

Good luck. But under 110? How tall are you?!

Jasmin said...

Awesome post! I've been dreading going back to the gym. haha. I'm planning on it once I get my 24 hr membership back. I'm excited! You're an inspiration!

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

Great post-Thanks for posting your actual workout regimen. I'm trying to loose weight prior to my trip in late Aug- Love your blog

Take care

Kelly Ann ♥

Clairey said...

I am eating "clean" at the moment so only stuff I have made and absolutely NO processed food.

One small portion of starchy per day, if at all.

Between 5 and 7 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

3 litres of water (I am finding this hard but am sticking to it)

Protein like raw nuts, cheese, yoghurt and Quinoa.

A portion of wholegrain every day which is often porridge for breakfast.

This is the only way of eating that works for me.

Apparently weight loss comes from 90% diet and 10% exercise. I have started HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which burns fat more effectively.

Good luck!

Ricky said...

Wishing you Good Luck for your weight loss efforts. When it comes to weight loss after baby there are two ways, the right way and the wrong way and you have to just choose the right way.

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Shannon Leta ♥ said...

This is a great story. But, you gained 50 lbs and got up to 128. You must have been tiny. I weigh about 127 right now, and weighed 110 most of my life. I'm 20 years old, and when I got into a serious relationship, I gained a lot of weight! After losing about 20 lbs, I'm down to 127. My weight doesn't fluctuate anymore, and my water weight level is really high, which is a good thing.

What I'm curious about is your height. I skimmed through the last couple of paragraphs since I'm at work. But, though I would love to go to back to my 110lb self, I also realize now that I'm older, being that skinny wasn't very attractive. I'm 5'4.5, so weighing 127 is technically a perfect weight for me. But, of course, just like a woman, I want to be thinner. So, basically I want to see how tall you are. Because if you are my height or taller, you don't need to be that thin!

Sarah Bella said...

@Shannon Leta
I'm only 5'2" I'm shorter than you. I actually got up to 155 with my 2nd pregnancy and I'm down to 122 now. My weight before babies was 103. I don't think 122 is by any means heavy but I'd like to be back to what I was before kids. 110 or less would be comfortable for me. If you want to get down to 110 would be totally possible for you.

J said...

Hi Sarah,

I gained 60lbs on my first pregnancy. He came out 9lb 14oz. It was a really depressing time as I was wearing my maternity clothes until after he turned 1. I have always been a gym fanatic all my life except during my pregnancy. I went back there after 6weeks and gave up after 2 months. It was so time consuming for me as I have to think about what to wear and finding ways to get someone to watch my son. My only option is working out from home. I bought tons of dvds from turbo jam to slim in 6. They did help me to lose most of the weight. Lately I have been doing Burn & FIrm - Ellen Barrett. I find this DVD very effective. Some of the exercises really target on those trouble zones. Hope this helps.

Sorry for the long comment.


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Monica said...

WoW Mama! *Best* of luck with your goals, beautiful! :)

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