Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tag: Love/hate

Love: I love full lips. Think Angelina Jolie or Megan fox. I sadly don't have lips like that so I like to pick colors and gloss that bring out what I do have. I love love love MAC Viva Glam IV (6). It's undeniably my HG lip gloss.

Hate: Gritty lip gloss that has chunky glitter. YUCK.

Love: I love a face that glows. I love a smooth flawless face. Foundations that have given me that are: MUFE HD, Laura Mercier TM, Laura Geller TM.

Hate: I hate that I keep getting break outs on my jawline. I don't know if it's hormonal or if it's because I keep trying new foundations.

Love: Long, flowy, sleek, voluminous dark hair.

Hate: Frizzy, uncontrollable hair. I hate that it takes forever to get my hair to look half way decent.

Love: Long eyeslashes. Thank you Lilash.

Hate: dark circles and tiny wrinkles forming.

Love: jeans that fit just right and are slimming. St. Tropez whipped bronze mousse. This is pure love from me!

Hate: having 25 extra baby pounds on me. GOOOO AWAY.


noga said...

Hi sarah, for me u r one of the most beautifull faces on youtube , even with those 25 pounds i think u r still gorgeous.i love the viva glam 6, but i think u have to try the special edition of it its really nice nude.

em said...

I love reading these lists! so agree with the gritty lips thing- ew!

Stefanie said...

Gritty lipgloss is the worst!! I hate it when gritty things get stuck to my gloss too...like sugar. Yuk!

LaurenELLEN_xoxo said...

I love fuller lips too theirs something about them haha!

I love this list :)

Am a new beauty blogger :) people please follow me :)


Jesse said...

Your tiny!! You obviously dont need to loose 25lbs! :)

bubblegarm said...

u should love everything sbout urself, ur gorgeous! :) xx

alipopof said...

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Lizzard said...

this post was so adorable, I looove Angelina Jolie lips and the rest of her, she is my total favorite!

CarolinaBelle84 said...

I'm a new reader, thanks for such a great blog!

courtney said...

i agree with all of your loves and hates! :)
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lake breeze said...

Hi! I love your videos. I am going to Scotland next week and I am wondering if you know of any products or UK makeup brands that I should check out while over there??

Moira said...

Question re: St. Tropez..they no longer sell the one that came in the bottle bottle. Have you tried there newer version??? Really want to but but have read really bad reviews on this product!