Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What's in and what's out

My my my... it's been a while. I just haven't had much to say. I've got a few new products that I'm going to put up in a few days! So for now...what's in and what's out!:)

1. Laura Mercier tinted mositerizer in nude. Pure love this gets from me!
2. St. Tropez whipped bronze mousse. Hello faux tan buh-bye skin canser!
3.Spring (but only when it's NICE and doesn't snow!!)
4.My new purse...it's big enought to carry everything!
5.The Hills. I love this show. Glad it's back on!!

1. Cakey foundations that mask your true beauty.
2. Tanning beds. No more for me.
3. SNOW. I hate you, snow.
4. An overflowing purse. People stopping you in public to tell you "you better zip up that purse!"
5. Spencer Pratt. BLAHHHH! Go away already.

Have a good day!


L said...

Sarah~ Love your blog! And your yourTube Channel!
How about a photo of your purse?
Happy Spring!

Colette said...

I'm so glad it's spring too. No snow for me:)