Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's HOT...what's NOT.

What's HOT and what's NOT...this my own opinion..so if I offend you or something you like is "not hot" than I'm sorry. If you like what I don't than that's totally fine. To each is their own!!:)

HOT- Faux Tans... St. Tropez, baby.
NOT- Tanning Beds. I used to be addicted but it REALLY ages you... and fast.

HOT- Mixing it up between high-end make-up and drug store make-up.
NOT- Being a high-end snob and looking down on others who use drugstore make-up.

HOT- Youtube
NOT- TV ( I barely watch TV anymore...maybe 3 or 4 times a week. CRAZY... I know).

HOT-Coach purses. Classy, well made, beautiful. While still expensive they aren't over the top.
NOT- Louis Vouttin. Don't get me wrong...I like Louis Vuitton. But, $1000 for a brown leather purse with LV on it... I just don't get it. I do like the look and think they are classy but they are more for show.. like "hey look at me... I'm rich."

HOT- Caffeine free coca-cola (not diet)...it's still not good for me but at least I cut out that nasty caffeine. It's like a drug. lol
NOT-Regular coca-cola

HOT- Twitter
NOT- myspace


GiGi said...

I like what you said about the high end & low end makeup. I wear both at the same time all the time!

I love your YT with don't break your budget finds!

Jenny9119999 said...

I agree with all you said except Twitter. I just haven't really "got it" yet but I'm sure it will come with time lol!!

CHB said...

You really should do a review on St. Tropez. I'm currently using the Garnier Summerbody but I always get streaks on my elbows, knees,... so if you have any advice.... much appreciated

mosha said...

i agree with you on almost everything you mentioned .. Although I hate Coach bags but some of them are really cute ..

Maddy said...

totally agree with you when it comes to faux tans and high end/drugstore makeup! :) St. Tropez? hmm...never tried! I love my yves rocher tanner! :)

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

i agree about makeup- i have ELF and Revlon in the same place as Smashbox and Bobbi Brown!

CheapChick said...

You are the sweetest person. Some ppl post these hot or not things thinking their word is the be all-end all. Everything is opinion, especially makeup/beauty type stuff. Example- some people love Diorshow Blackout- I think I get much better lashes w/ a combo of Lash Blast and Telescopic- to each her own :)

Ashleigh said...

I have also banned the tanning beds....now I use the tan wipes and looks just as good..

Roxana said...

I am in my thirties and have just begun to wear makeup. I love it so much after watching your channel and others on YT. Thank You.

_mari_ said...

thank you

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