Thursday, April 30, 2009

TruBlend...I wish!

I don't like giving something a bad review, I really don't. However when I try a product that isn't good (at least it wasn't for me) than I want to share the reasons why I didn't like it and maybe help you save some money. Some products work for some people and some don't. This product did NOT work for me.

CoverGirl TruBlend Whipped Foundation

I am on a mission to find a cheaper version of the Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturizer but I'm beginning to realize nothing is going to compare.
I found the Covergirl TruBlend Whipped foundation tonight at Rite Aid. It looked light, creamy and beautiful in it's little glass jar. I opened the top and it looked like it might be a winner but than I notice something...the scent smells like a cheap liquid hand soap at a gas station. Yuck. I try and forget about the horrible scent and apply it to my face... this is the biggest mistake I've made since I tried MAC SFF (this mistake may be worse!!). It is so greasy... and greasy is an under statement in my opinion. Coverage leaves a lot to be's very sheer and in the worst possible way. I had a hard time finding the right color match as well. It's hard when you can't actually see the true color through the glass. It doesn't really blend that well and took a few layers to even look half way decent.

The very worst thing about this product is within 3 hours of putting it on it's completely broken me out. 5 new blemishes in 3 hours. Not only did it break me out it made my whole face feel soooo itchy! I hate this stuff and it's going back tomorrow. Biggest waste of money.

Now I'm off to scrub my itcy face. Get this stuff off of me!!

Have you tried this product? Did this happen to you or did you have any luck?

Doesn't it look pretty? Like beauty's what's in inside that counts!!

Swatch in the color 420 Creamy natural

Quickly rubbed in...


LoveLipstickandLime said...

I've never used a CoverGirl foundation before and I won't be now. 5 blemishes in 3 hrs, sounds like my reactin to Bismuth which is found in mineral makeup. Glad you did a review on this. Thanks xxNadia

anaderol1977 said...

ugh that stinks! how awful :( well at least now we all know not to buy it too bad u had to go through that! u should def take it back!!!

mizzworthy said...

this stuff sounds awful! I hope your skin clears up soon! Oh and bad reviews are just as important as good reviews - I'm not even sure this product is available in the uk, but it's good to now you give really honest reviews xx

mosha said...

I haven't tried it and I don't think I will after reading this ..
LOL @ smells like a cheap liquid hand soap at a gas station

GiGi said...

I tried the new stay matte Rimmel. It's light coverage & u could add a dab of moisturizer if its too dry.

Rebecca said...

I like the Rimmel version. I think it said it was "Cool Matte Mousse", but I fear they have discontinued it. It was more of a real matte finish and felt good without being heavy. I know they still sell the blushes and bronzer. I LOVE the pot bronzer, it's amazing.