Saturday, April 25, 2009

Interview on

Hey girls! Check out my interview on or here

Keri is the owner of this webzine/blog. She is a total sweetheart! Thanks so much for the interview, Keri!:)

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Jenny9119999 said...

The link didn't work for me:-(

Jen said...

What a great interview Sarah! Your boys are just adorable!! You look stunning in your "professional shots"...then again, you always look stunning! :)

LoveLipstickandLime said...

Great interview and as always you are one hot tamali. You make me laugh Sarah. Miss u xxNadia

Jackie said...

Hi Sarah! I just want to say you're one of my favorite makeup people on youtube, I Lovvveee your honest reviews and usually always agree with you haha.

I had a quick question for you, I am hating my liquid foundation and I know you are a big bare minerals user... I was just wondering if you apply it with the brushes they make or if any powder/kabuki brush will do the trick? I need fairly good coverage.

Thanks so much!

Sarah Bella said...

First off...THANK YOU SO MUCH!! That's so nice of you to say!:)

Ok, now about the BM... I use the brush the gave (flawless face) to apply the foundation. I use the concealer brush on my cheeks or whereever I feel I am red or need more coverage. I think the concealer brush is really the trick!! It helps even everything out. I just put the powder on the brush and buff in with circular motion. I just use the kabuki for the bronzer or blush (sometimes).

Hope that helped!!

Jackie said...

oh pft i just realized you have a whole video about it too on youtube haha sorry!! im gonna go watch that and thank you so much for writing back!

im soo excited to try BM, i will definitaly do that concealer brush trick!