Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In & Out

I've seen this on a few other peoples pages and I always enjoy reading them so I'm going to do one tonight.

What's IN-

1. Korres Ginger & Vitamin Foundation (best foundation EVER).

2. NYX Pearl Mania in Mocha. This color is seriously amazing and only $1.50 on ebay!

3. Jane Mineral blush in Soft Mink. I picked this up at Walgreens yesterday and oh my gosh... I'm so in love with the color. It's one of my new favorite and it's so cheap! Great find!

4. Straight to the point YT review videos. I love being inspired to get the product when the person is excited about.

Whats out-

1. Studio Fix Fluid... breaks me and a lot of people out! That's never good. I think it smells super funky, too.

2. Smashbox photofinish in the green color. It didn't help my reddness at all and it made my face feel slimy.

3. 20 minutue YT videos explianing one product. It doesn't keep my full attention. I like short and sweet... to the point.

4. WINTER!!!!! I hate the cold. It's so out! I wanna live where there are palm trees.


Sarai said...

winter IS SO OUT :( so is my studio fix. blegh. same effect to me. BTW, sarah, your baby boys are so gorgeous!!! god bless them!!!

oh i've been wanting to try that foundation as well. although, you have raved about bare minerals and I want to try that too. im so torn lol!

Sarah Bella said...

This winter my face was so dry and the BM just wasn't looking so hot. I still love it and I still hate foundation but the Korres doesn't feel like normal foundations to me. It's so light and dewy and pretty...and I'm in LOVE with it.

Thanks on the compliment on my precious boys...I love them!!:)

GiGi said...

Hey Sarah,

I just started a blog & did my ins & outs yesterday. I just found your videos on youtube & subscribed. So my next free day, Im going to have to catch up n them.

Rebecca said...

Now I have to check out Korres.. lol I've always seen it in stores, but never took a second look. Someone else was talking about the wild rose foundation. I think it was Lisa on YT. It smells like roses though, so I'm going to try the tube foundation instead.

jennifer said...

I got the Korres after Sarah's review. It is as FABULOUS as she said!
Thanks Sarah!