Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hair products I regret buying


Mish said...

I loved this post.. Its great that you shared things that didnt work for you and im actually thinking of doing a similar post. I totally agree with the Biosilk issue. I too have used a few of their products and kept buying for the shine but it looks greasy. As for the deep conditioner. I have very curly thick and DRY hair and I LOVE biolage conditioning Balm... it works wonders!

Sarah said...

I have the same hair type, try regis olive oil hair treatment, but sparingly on the ends (after shampooing, conditioning, spread product into wet hair and wait for 5-10mins and rinse out.
i've tried this whilst letting my unruly, wavy hair dry naturally and it was wonderful.
i've been let down by hair products for so long, i'm so glad i've finally found something that works.
i'm also going for months and months without blowdrying to improve the condition of my hair and it seems to be working a little.

ofc. instead of the treatment tub you can always try some pure olive oil on your hair, which you can then shampoo out.

beautyblog said...

You have great hair!

Tali said...

I have about 100 products i regret buying!
Especially 3 or 4 sea-salt spary that claim to give you natural looking beachy waves.. but all they do is dry your hair and weight it down!

jassydevil said...

Have you tried Aveda products? I use the damage remedy on my extremely fine, dry curly hair and it is amazing! Your hair doesn't feel silky and smooth like it does when you use lots of silicone based stuff, but it absolutely feels soft and stronger once it dries. Good luck!

chrissilious said...

For deep conditioning try Herbal Essence conditioners Rose, or the pink colored new packagings. Also try out Assience (they currently sell in Asian countries, but I'm sure there is a way to buy on ebay) Remember to alternate when using Assience as it gives you oily hair and scalp if used too many days in a row.