Saturday, February 21, 2009

Urban Decay Primer Potion SIN

To be honest with you... I didn't like it at first. I'm a fan now but it took a few days for me to like it. It's a beautiful shimmering champagne color that creates a great all over color as well as an amazing highlight. When I first put it on it looked kinda mauve-y and was not a good look on me. I just needed to be in different lighting. It's the same as the original UDPP expect it has color to it. It does the same thing in helping your shadow stay ALL DAY! This can be worn alone or if you are in a hurry just add a darker color to your crease and the shimmer creates a beautiful highlight on your brow bone!


noga said...

hi sara, as i told u before i have same probleme with my hair as yous, but i tried couple days ago the 3 minute leave in conditioner from Aussie, it did wonders to my hair no more frizz my hair looked shiny, no more waves and i got too many complements.try it i hope it works for u too.

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

i adore udpp <3 lol
i've never found anything that works better!