Friday, February 13, 2009

The Bachelor

Ok, so this is totally non make-up related but I'm dying with anticipation for the finale. From day one I've been trying to guess who he was going to pick like most of us girls do. I came across a page called and it's totally changed on how I think of the show. I'm still obsessed but now I'm kinda confused.
Apparently there is a HUGE bombshell that's going to be dropped on us...something we never saw coming. Realitysteve tells us that the motto for this season is "not everything is as it seems".
He quotes-
"I’ve never been one to ever spoil anything upcoming on the “Bachelor”, and I’m not about to start doing it either. But I just wanted to remind everyone to remember this date of January 27th, a good month before the finale airs. Just when you think ABC fell asleep at the wheel, and just when the message boarders thought they had this season figured out by dissecting pictures, and freeze framing shots, and looking at pinky rings, and freckles, etc. Just when everyone and their mothers thought they knew what was going on this season on the “Bachelor”, ABC decided to grow a brain and pull a fast one. All I will say is this: Not everything is as seems, and just when you think you know, you don’t know. DO NOT believe everything you see or read. You’re gonna have to think on this one. So when the finale airs, and your jaw hits the floor, just remember Reality Steve warned you ahead of time. Deal?"

Ok, so ABC is going to pull a fast one on us? Was this season scripted? Was everything fake?
Realitysteve gives us clues that help us figure out the ending so far they are

1. K.Moon/Rebecca- clue means Keith Moon from the WHO and Rebecca Howe from Cheers. So, clue means "It's not who he picks but HOW he does it". So the bombshell is not WHO he picks but HOW he picks her. Hmmmmm... I wanna know MORE.

2. 2/3 I have no idea what this clue means yet. He hasn't yet said because nobody has figured it out. My theory is out of the final 3 girls only 1 is real and the others are actors.

3. Montreal- don't know what this means yet but some say the clue means "exposure". Everything will be exposed in the finale.

Ok, so go to and get obsessed trying to figure it all out, too.
What do you think is going to happen???


Jen said...

Hi!!! I'm thinking DeAnna comes back and wants him back...and he takes her back....

noga said...

me too Deanna is coming back.

Sheri said...

It shows Deanna coming back.. but what does he do?
It would make sense since she left Jessie about that time frame.
He'd be a fool to take her back but I dont think he will.