Monday, January 12, 2009

TAG! 10 things I can't live without!

I tag you! Whoever wants to do this..please do. It's a fun way to get to know each other better!:)

1. My 3 boys (husband and two sons). I couldn't live a day without them.

2. My computer/Internet. It's seriously my life line. I freak out if we ever lose connection!

3. Make-up, of course. I wouldn't live without Bare Minerals, a good eyelash curler, mascara and lip gloss.

4. Coca-cola. Yummy! I've converted to caffeine free regular coke though. I had to otherwise my baby would be wired on caffeine and wouldn't sleep plus it's better for you. Coke is horrible for you but at least I'm not putting the caffeine in me!

5. Tan skin. I know that in my videos I love suuuppeerr pale but I'm really not that color. I always film by a big window with sunlight coming it totally washes me out and makes me look like Casper.

6. My favorite shows such as Desperate Housewives, The Hills, The Bachelor, anything on HGTV!

7. Pointy toe black boots. I'm only 5'2" so I need all the help I can get.

8. DVR... oh my gosh. How did I EVER live without it. I love being able to tape all my favorite shows and pause or rewind whenever I need to.

9. My iPhone. I love being able to check the weather, Internet, world time all that the touch of a button.

10. CHI Silk infusion...need I say more!:)


Anonymous said...

first off sardun1: stop fucking trying to copy's so obvious!! u will never be her, she is a career women and your white trash who's married with kids at a young age. funny thing is that you are young, but u look like 40!! by the way, stop showing off about your "low weight"...u don't look 110lbs to me, u look more like 180lbs!! stop lying u ugly bitch!! also...your nose is too upwards and on the side, u should fix it, seriously!! there is something about u that doesn't attract people and that's why u barely have subscribers. go get a degree and a real job u dumb cheap bitch, instead of wasting your time on drugstore makeup and the internet showing yourself off (common...what kind of mother does that?!! fucking grow up u uneducated white trash!!)

Jordan said...


1. How is Sardun1 trying to copy lollipop26? Because she loves makeup? Enjoys doing reviews? If that's the case, than there are thousands of girls copying lollipop26. lollipop26 may be a "career woman" but being a mom is a full-time job. Married at 26 years is not that young to be having kids.

2. Young but looks 40? This just makes me laugh. She actually looks younger than she is and she definitely doesn't look like 180lbs... more like 100lbs if you ever met her in person. She may look bigger in her videos due to the fact that she has huge boobs on a VERY tiny frame. Shes definitely an extremely gorgeous girl. Nothing wrong with her nose or anything. I find that funny too. Whoever wrote that last comment is so insanely jealous they will think of anything to try and hurt someone.

3. Doesn't have that many subscribers? Uhm.. hello... shes only been doing this a couple months, whereas some other people have been doing it for way longer.
Again... being a mom is a REAL job. Maybe you'll find that out someday. Especially having two babies.

4. Not everyone can afford all those high-end cosmetics. Whether you get your makeup from Macys or CVS. Doesn't really matter. It's what works for you. With her reviews she reaches a wide spectrum of people from her reviews on high-end makeup to the drugstore makeup.

5. Shes definitely not showing herself off but demonstrating her own makeup technique and giving others different tips on different things. All these other girls that are doing reviews must be showing themselves off too then and everyone must be copying each other.

Sardun1 is educated, married and has 2 beautiful kids. Shes one of the most nicest people you will ever meet and she absolutely loves make up and fashion. Shes not copying off of anyone. Nor is she trying to show herself off. Whoever wrote the previous message is obviously jealous, is probably 16 years old and has no life.

PinkNouveau5 said...

I agree with what Jordan said completely. Why the hell are you on here? So you purposly came to her blog to write this comment and i wonder why you put your name as Anonymous because you know that everyone would hate and disagree with you! I cannot believe how sad some people are, not forgetting you were racist!

People actually waste their time searching around on youtube and blogs etc purposly leaving hateful comments, they are so pathetic. And if 'I wrote my name as anonymous because I'm too scared about what people would say to me' thinks that people will have the same opinion as you. WELL YOUR WRONG!

Erin Allison said...

hahaha anonymous is a sad sad person. Obviously extremely jealous of you.
And obviously has a low self esteem and no confidence.
Don't take anything that person says seriously.
You're beautiful..the hottest mom I've ever seen :) I plan on having children at your age, it's not anything new or crazy..
That person has no life and probably cries on the computer everyday wishing they had friends and a great family and life like you :)

Laura said...

Oh my hurtful 'anonymouse', how about you grow up?! I totally agree with everything said by Jordan, PinkNouveau5 and Erin Allison...what a shame that someone really has that amount of time on their hands and choses to spend it abusing other people they are clearly jealous of. Take no notice Sardun1, I actually opened this comment box to compliment you and say I will be doing this TAG on my blog ( if you fancy looking), and am so shocked and hurt on your behalf...honestly, some people need to grow up. Sardun you are beautiful, and we all love you :)

x x x

Laura said...

Clearly I meant anonymous too, not anonymouse, haha!

Sarah Bella said...

You know what's funny...last night I was actually thinking that I'm suprised I haven't gotten any hate mail my suprise I had this message waiting for me. Sadly for you anonymous... your comment DIDN'T hurt me just made me feel sorry for you...whoever you may be.
I shouldn't even reply to a sorry excuse of a person such as yourself but I feel I do have to defend myself a little bit.
Never ONCE did I brag on my "low weight" nor did I ever say I weight 110lbs right now...where did you get that? I did say pre kids I was 100lbs but that was not bragging but stateing a real fact. I am not 180lbs...nor was I ever near that when I was 9 months pregnant with an almost 9lb baby.
Funny you say I look 40... people still think I'm in Highschool...I'm not bragging about that because I think that's annoying myself.
So, you think it's white trash to post make-up videos on youtube? Wow. No common mom does that? Really? There are A LOT of moms who do videos...some of which post videos drunk and swearing. Have I ever done that, ummm no. So, I guess we ALL are lollipop26 wannabe's, huh?? Was she the first make-up blogger on youtube? Yes, I think she is sweet and I do like her videos... but I'm not trying to be her or copy her...and doesn't everyone on youtube get idea's from other videos? I'm pretty sure they do.
So, when did 25 become young to be married and have kids... I don't think I'd say I'm a "young mom". The white trash part seriously makes me laugh... I know you were trying to be hurtful but really thanks for the laugh. Because I've shopped at CVS and gotten make-up from there that makes me whitetrash? Did you know a lot of very RICH celebs use drugstore make-up?
Lastly, how would you know if I am educated or not. Do you know me? Do you know how I live my life or what I've done in my life. No.
Not to be mean to any "career women" but I wouldn't trade being a stay at home mom for anything! I feel blessed soooo blessed that I'm able to raise my kids and not have a daycare do it. Being a "career woman" doesn't make you any better than a mom. It doesn't make you higher class or better than anyone. It's all about character. Sorry to say you are of bad character so I must say to you as you said to me GROW UP and GET A LIFE. See the difference between you and I is... I have character and class...and I'm not going to use dirty words to you which really makes a person look as you would say "white trash". Sounds like you were describing yourself in the comment you made to me. That's sad.

Sarah Bella said...

Oh and how could I forget to say thanks to all the kind people who came to my defence. You guys are soooo sweet!!:)

Laura said...

Well said Sarah :)

~Nicole~ said...

Wow, just wow, I have no words for you "Anonymous"... other then your message screams JEALOUSY. Get off your computer and stop hating on people that you don't even know, it's not attractive, go do something else with your time. And you know what, stupidity is very unflattering. Since it appears you suffer from both stupidity and insecurity, you are going to have a lof of hurdles in life.

Sarah, we all love you and I enjoy your blog/videos very much. Keep up the good work. Don't let this person ruin your day, it's not worth it since it comes from a person that doesn't even have an ounce of intelligence.

nikkiga1530 said...

People like that just don't need access to the internet, let alone the real world, just pathetic. Pay it NO attention. Obviously they are obsessed with you because they sure seem to know A LOT about you, or claim to. I just wanted to say AMEN to the Chi silk infusion and to Coca Cola!!!

CheapChick said...

I completely agree with Nicole. This person is seriously jealous...and ridiculous.

Sarah Bella said...

Thanks, girls!:) :) You guys are the best!:)

starlitskys said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Morgana said...

I'll never understand this kind of people who enjoy trying to hurt others that have never done anything to them. I started following your blog yesterday (and know I'll look for you on YT) and although I'm new here, I'd like to show my support to a sure fantastic mother who shares with us a part of her time ^^

And so, I'll take with your permission this tag for my "just born" blog :-P (for bad things that had happened last year in my life, I don't have it on my profile, so if you want to take a look, it's

Oh! and sorry for any wrong spell, I hadn't practised my english (far away from singing) for about three years ^^

theoneandonly said...

Ok "Anonymous", you have got to be the world's nastiest white trash and biggest disgrace to mankind. I am an educated, upper class female, unlike yourself, and usually do not talk in this manner; it is inconsiderate low lives, like yourself, that give me the motivation to express the importance of giving people a taste of their own medicine. So, I can tell by your horrifying message that you are a fat "ugly bitch" that is jealous of a beautiful, smart, upper class female. You have so many insecurities that cause you to be jealous and depressed and it forces you to try to make someone else just as miserable. As sardun1 has already stated, you haven't phased her because she is healthy mentally and knows that she is not the way you try to describe her. I can tell you are an unedcuated "ugly bitch" in that you cannot understand the point of her videos - it is to educate and allow consumers to buy products worth their MONEY - supply and demand, consumer confidence, etc.; she knows her audience. Read "ugly bitch" and educate yourself.

"fucking grow up u uneducated white trash!!"

I had to reference this because I think it is funny. 1.) If you are going to try to call someone out on being uneducated, maybe you should sound educated to begin with. How about a little punctuation and the use of proper grammar? 2.) Only white trash folks like yourself use the vulgarity that you presented in your hate message.

I can also tell that you are overweight. Sardun1 has never referenced her weight. But, "ugly bitch", I can assure you that she does model and after two children, she could still model. So, I would suggest that you seek some counseling to get over the fact that you are upset with your yourself. It's ok to be overweight and ugly "Anonymous". Keep shoving those twinkies down your throat and writing hate messages - you will get really far in life =D.

And, the fact that you call a young, married woman with children "white trash" leads me to believe that you are either young, fat, and an "ugly bitch", or you are a middle aged, depressed junkie that cannot see the ugliness you present to others just by opening your mouth and cannot understand why men or women do not like you.

So, do us all a favor and seek mental attention, put the lard sticks back in the cupboard, put some running shoes on and take a stroll, and maybe when all the fat, negativity, ugliness and insecurities melt off of you will you realize how nasty of a person you really were.

Yelebella said...

Wow wow wow! I can't believe my eyes. I have no words for that disgusting "anonymous" words. Because that person does not deserve a bit of attention. Oh, how people like that make me laugh.

My thought is though, the more "haters" you have equals the more influence and effect you have on others. So with that said, Congratulations! You are a drop dead GORGEOUS young lady who seems to have a perfect balance in life. 26 is a perfect age to have babies and want to be a cool young mom who can relate to her kids now and later on down the road. You have a perfect body not only for a mom, but for a girl in general. Many would die just to look like you. Your nose??? Perfect! Come on now! Many would be jealous. Uneducated?? First of all, just look at how poorly that anonymous's hate letter is written...he/she should not even speak of that! You are educated and well spoken, all of which are obvious through your blogs and videos. Real job? Oh my goodness...clearlyy that very clueless person has NO idea that being a mom is the toughest and most serious job anyone could have...goes beyond everything else.

Girl, you are the best, and please look at these ugly words as complete jealousy...that's all it is :-)

MakeupLover_X said...

I completley agree with everyone except 'Anoymous' obviously.
I don't get people like that - they just post hurtful comments on random peoples pages. They are just jealous!

Don't listen to it and ignore all haters. :)

and by the way i love your blogs so don't stop. :)

Emma said...

Take it as a complement Sarah!
Anonymous clearly is very jealous of you!!! And is a coward!!!

sarduncrookednose said...


Denisey411 said...

OMG! i cannot understand dare people criticize her for being a young mother and wife!....I am 22 years old and have a 3 year old and also married, what is wrong with that?? At least the young mothers out there are woman enough to conceive their children instead of throwing them away. Children are a blessing no matter how they come! Sarah attracts a different audience, the young, the mother, and the buyer with a budget! and many people like myself fit right into that category! no one wants to watch someone talk all the time about overpriced cosmetics when one has to buy diapers and wipes every two weeks! there are other people with different priorities but also love to look fabulous and that why sarah is so unique because she understands that. this world is sooo twisted!!! And again, I absolutely love u, like I said I am a young mother and like many young mothers..... we love u, who cares about ur mistake, u have kids and slipped to mention about being paid for something...u prob had tons of other things on ur mind besides that, people swear that because she forgot to mention that small detail, warts will grow on their face... damn people need to put their hate energy into something more relevant rather than beauty.... and she is calling u uneducated!!! while they are acting extremely uneducated by posting comments like that....what educated person does that?? lol what educated person expresses themselves that way? u anonymous loser is why hell was designed, because thats exactly where you need get your ass moving to. AND you crack me up talking about her subscribers.....HOW many subscribers do u have??? ZERO! lol... you have no one admiring you so why dont you just shut your mouth you immature, clearly uneducated, nobody, probably a fatass lol or u wouldnt be so bothered by her 110 weight.... and calling her out on fixing her nose, when you need a full on attitude makeover! get a life, and i suggest you go hide under the ROCk you came from... you low class, brainless beast.

Shivon said...

I would just like to say that I LOVE your blog (s) they are so beautiful and well done. And I wouldnt even pay any attention to people who give you negative feedback.