Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nothing new

Sorry for not posting in a while... I just haven't been inspired lately. I really haven't gotten anything new. I got a few things from MAC but nothing to thrilling (except I'm in love with my Gentle Simmer Slimshine! It's BEAUTIFUL!). It's super cold here and I really don't ever leave my's way to hard with two kids under two. It's an ordeal to go anywhere.

SO, just wanted to say that I'm still here and will do some reviews soon... I just need to find some inspiration! I think my priorities are shifting and my obsession with make-up is calming down a bit... which is a good thing.
But, it's still an obsession so don't worry to much... I'm not going anywhere!

Hope everyone is doing well! :)


Charlene said...

oh, enjoy it hon, many wish they could have those things to worry about... lol...but we understand, and we'll be right here when you have something to write to us about :) said...

Don't worry about it, I have been exactly the same, sometimes you're just too busy or simply uninspired as you say. I never feel I HAVE to focus on make-up either, after all its your blog. What about fashion, you always look lovely, tell us about your wardrobe? Fave shoes? xoxo

Yelebella said...

Hey girly, I am the same way too! Actually, I am moving right now so 1)I've been so busy and 2)While packing I realized how much make up I have so trying now to not buy any more for a bit and since I can't bring everything with me, I've been making cuts. Maybe thats something to blog about...making the cuts!
I hope your babies are doing very well :-)

~Nicole~ said...

Hey Sarah, if you have a minute, could you please swatch the gentle simmer for us? The swatches are soooo off on the MAC site and I'd love to see this color before putting in my order. Thank you!!