Monday, January 26, 2009

My night of depotting

My coastal scents 15 pan palette came today! For the price... you can't beat it. I believe it was $7. It's quite small and I really like that. I don't need anything big and balky in my life.. I have to many things taking up space as it is.
So, my night was spent with a flat iron, wax paper and a knife! No burns or cuts to report either! Amen.

Here is the palette I did tonight. Most of the shadows are MAC if they aren't then I will tell you which ones aren't.

Top row-Shroom, Naked lunch, Retro Speck, Ray of Light, Gleam
2nd row-Tempting, Satin Taupe, Woodwinked, Pantina, a brown from Flirt Palette
3rd-Surreal, Green Goddess (Urban Decay), Idol Eyes, All that Glitters, a blue from SIN

Have a good night, girls!


ولد الديرة said...

اللهم عليك بمن اخترع المكياج

حرام عليكم كله تقصون علينا :>

bubblegarm said...

looks great! said...

Is it the palette that isn't magnetised or? Just wondering as I could so do with more palettes but I hate paying MAC prices online xo

Sarah Bella said...

This palette was not magnetised but when I depotted my shadows there was still glue on the bottoms so they stuck well.. the ones that didn't I just added a bit of tape on the bottom of than pan and it works perfect. You can't beat the price!!

Exotic.babi said...

They look lovely. =)

~Nicole~ said...

Oh how cool. It's also good to hear that you can put the Flirt eyeshadows into the palette, I was thinking about depotting them but wasn't sure if they would really fit.

Kimberly said...

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